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  brad paisley 00:35 06 Nov 2007

hi with my new gaming pc i got the standard cable to plug monitor to computer, but got the to DVI parts to connect to each end so would end up with DVI cable.

only problem is the tower part is connected by dvi, but the monitor has normal cable part screwed in, because when i screw the dvi part on to standard part of the cable and go to screw it in to monitor, it's to long and the stand part gets in the way to connect. so currently, have one part useing dvi connection(tower) and one with standard connection(monitor)

my graphics look abit average( i have 8800 320mb gts card), do you think if i just buy normal dvi cable, this will sort the odd looking graphics i have. or does the dvi cable not matter?

  brad paisley 01:26 06 Nov 2007

sorry if that sounds confusing. but basically they gave me standard VGA cable and two div adaptors to add on to each end of vga cable.

the picture on games looks to shiny when looking ahead and just looks blury on the eye.

if i buy a dvi cable, will that sharpen up the image on my cpmouter.

  ambra4 01:30 06 Nov 2007

Not understanding what you trying to say

Does the monitor have a DVI white connector and a VGA blue connector???

Or only a blue VGA connector

Does the display card have the same white and blue connector?

The DVI connector on the pc must connect to the DVI on monitor (Digital Input/Output)

The same goes for the blue VGA connector (Analogue Input/Output)

Did not understand the bit about

“It’s to long and the stand part gets in the way to connect”.

You only connect one cable either the DVI Digital Signal or VGA Analogue Signal cable NOT both

  ambra4 01:32 06 Nov 2007

Yes it would be better if you get a proper DVI cable

  brad paisley 01:50 06 Nov 2007

my graphics do look poor considering what card i have in the computer. hoping this is reason why.

my pc tower does not have a slot for normal VGA cable, my monitor has vga and dvi slot. but currently the pc tower is connected with dvi adaptor part, but monitot part is connected with standard vga part. so instead of either

VGA(pc tower) + VGA(monitor) or
DVI(pc tower) + DVI(monitor) i have
DVI(pc tower) + VGA(monitor)

my 19 inch flat panel screen does have in brackers on box(DVI). so hoping getting cabloe with sort out not so great looking graphics.

  brad paisley 01:53 06 Nov 2007

click here

this looks right cable, am i right? 02:07 06 Nov 2007

it is a dvi monitor? it should have come with a dvi cable if it is. a dvi > vga cable will only do the same as the adaptor on the grx card. 02:09 06 Nov 2007

i meant the screen has to have a dvi socket.

  ambra4 02:09 06 Nov 2007

Yes it look correct just check the DVI on the monitor and the card that socket can take the 24 pin connector as some can only take 18 pins

  ambra4 02:13 06 Nov 2007

And look like this

click here

  brad paisley 02:24 06 Nov 2007

yep mine is 24 pins in the tower and monitor. so what i need is DVI-D DUAL LINK cable, i think im right in saying?

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