monitor brightness

  paradiddle1984 22:05 14 Jul 2005

my monitor is on full brightness but it is still dull, is there any software available to increase the brightness of my monitor?

  Joe R 22:06 14 Jul 2005


what is the make and model.?

  DieSse 22:50 14 Jul 2005

The Contrast is more significant than the Brightness with monitor controls.

  joethebow 23:04 14 Jul 2005

You need to look at your Video Driver Settings. As an Idea of what to look for I'll explain about my Nvidia Geforce MMX 200 Controlls.

On a blank part of the screen, right click and sellect Properties.

Then Click Settings and Advanced.

Click the Geforce Tab and the Control Panel pops up.

Sellect Colour Correction and All.

You can now adjust the Vibrance, Brightness, Contrast and Gama controlls.

Make sure you have the correct Video Drivers installed, not just the bits that come with XP.

My XP Geforce installation had no inbuilt controlls at all. It was only when I downloaded the 'Detonators' from the Nvidia Website that I had all the knobs I'd ever dreamed of twidling with.

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