Monitor blurryness helpppp!! ......Please :D

  stephen0205 17:28 05 Feb 2008

Ok my new problem, i thought it was because i didnt have the drivers installed, but when i got the latest forceware drivers from the nvidia website for my sparkle geroce 8800gt 512mb it didnt help. My new digimate monitor which is a 19 inch and has a top resolution of 1280 x 1024 (not that great i know, was only 90 bucks tho). Everything is blurry. Only to the right tho, like a small blurry tail. It does it with everythin, bitcomet, itunes, even just my documents. I uninstalled the drivers and checked they were the rite ones, installed again and nuthing. I checked the nvidia settings and went through the steps reading carefully, made it less noticable but now my screen is major darker, my light blue looks kinda like black. I have no clue what to do, there is nuthing wrong with the monitor, i tried my laptop on it and it worked , no blur, i dont know what to do

  stephen0205 17:37 05 Feb 2008

i think its called ghosting , but its wierd

  MAT ALAN 19:06 05 Feb 2008

VGA card is dying...

  sidecar sid 19:31 05 Feb 2008

Is it connected via VGA or DVI?

  stephen0205 23:23 05 Feb 2008

Dying, its vga and its just new. It was a fortune, and the monitor works fine with my laptop and my other pc, here is the thing tho, the other pc monitor is a crt monitor and seems to work fine. So imreally confused

  sidecar sid 07:07 06 Feb 2008

If yor card has a DVI input and you have a DVI to
VGA adaptor try connecting it that way.

  stephen0205 09:08 06 Feb 2008

it is a dvi to vga adapter, as it didnt come with a dvi cable

  keef66 10:07 06 Feb 2008

did the monitor come with any drivers? My samsung looked rubbish until I loaded the drivers from the CD that came with it.

TFT monitors look best when operating at their native resolution. Is it actually set up to display at 1280x1024? Is it set to some weird refresh rate?

  stephen0205 12:28 06 Feb 2008

Im not shure, didnt come wiht any drivers, not shure what the native resolution is or the refresh rate, how can i check. I know in the manual it says that the monitor can do 1280 x 1024 max resolution and it does some amount of herts.

  keef66 14:15 06 Feb 2008

1280x1024 will be it's native resolution. TFT's don't really have a refresh rate, but it's usually set at 60hz.

R click on an empty bit of desktop and choose properties / settings / advanced to see what resolution and refresh rate it's set to.

Is the 8800gt a new piece of kit?

  stephen0205 14:28 06 Feb 2008

it is new yes, and the thing is set at 60hrts

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