monitor after close down

  timber 11:30 24 Jan 2003
  timber 11:30 24 Jan 2003

after everything has been switched off am left with monitor screen which one half is black other is a deep redddish colour.
is it time to look for another monitor.


  obbit 11:36 24 Jan 2003

Hi timber.........speakers will cause colouring on monitors or other magnetic sources.



  timber 11:50 24 Jan 2003


speakers have been in same position for over a year,next to monitor but never had problem before.


  timber 12:08 24 Jan 2003

forgot to mention had new psu fitted and the same night there was a power surge


  Djohn 12:13 24 Jan 2003

timber, Speakers would have no noticeable effect after shut down, But the power surge is worrying, has any other component of your PC suffered?

  timber 12:18 24 Jan 2003



everything else seems to be working alright


  Djohn 12:27 24 Jan 2003

Power surge may have damaged monitor or graphics card, if the display is ok when you are switched on, then I would think card is un-damaged, try a degauss of the monitor ans see if that helps.

How old is monitor? and does the screen stay that colour permanently after switching off or is it while the screen is in standby mode?

  timber 12:33 24 Jan 2003


monitor is about ten years old.

happens only when on standby


  Djohn 12:40 24 Jan 2003

timber, I am not a technician, so this is only an opinion.

It does seem as though the power surge has caused some damage, but if the monitor works ok in use, then I would carry on using it, you will cause no harm.

At ten years of age the monitor has seen it's best and if you do purchase a new one you will notice a big difference in viewing pleasure.

  timber 12:44 24 Jan 2003


thanks for your input and as you say getting a new monitor will make a difference

thanks again

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