michelleuk 02:47 06 Jan 2003
  michelleuk 02:47 06 Jan 2003


A few weeks ago I started a thread regarding a 17 in monitor, as mine appears to have lost the green filiment colour. A number of people suggested a different monitor and according to PC advisor magazine they recommended a Mitsubishi monitor.

Having a look at the different on-line computer stores that you had given me I found the details of that monitor,unfortunately for me to use that monitor I would need to have widows 2000, which I do not have. I did find a monitor called CTX EX7001 for £125 and a NEC MultiSync FE770 Flat screen. I am interested in the CTX model. But does anyone have either model and if so, what is your opinion?

Thank you,

Take Care
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  Pilch.... 03:07 06 Jan 2003

why does it say you need windows 2000?

  dez fowler 03:11 06 Jan 2003

well, firstly ignore the windows 2000 thing, monitors aren't operating system dependant

CTX and NEC both make excellent monitors so either would be a fine purchance. I would also recommend Iiyama as my manufacturer of choice as they produce excellent displays and to my knowledge have always had a product in the PC Advisor top 5.

  michelleuk 03:15 06 Jan 2003


I too was surpriesed when I saw that it required Windows 2000, or ME or XP and I certainly couldn't understand why, as it was the only monitor that had anything in that particular box.

I am certainly considering the CTX as it seems thinner at the back its not a slim case, but it doesn't seem huge either.


Take Care

  dez fowler 03:24 06 Jan 2003

dont go with aesthetically pleasing over image quality, it's a monitor not an ornament

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