dazza39 12:19 12 Dec 2008

How do I change my monitor from Default to Plug N Play?.



  DieSse 13:16 12 Dec 2008

I doubt you can - if a monitor is a plug-n-pray type - that's how it's built.

Why do you think you need to - what is actually your problem?

  dazza39 16:23 12 Dec 2008

Problem is I'm playing online game Lord of the Rings and after about 5 mins into the game I lose my display and have to re-boot,problem only arises in this game, have been email the tech support days they suggested changing my monitor to plug & play ?,also type of monitor i have didnt come with drivers.

  chub_tor 16:44 12 Dec 2008

If you post the make and model of your monitor on here then someone can probably suggest a driver for it.

  DieSse 23:47 12 Dec 2008

Monitors don't require drivers, nor do they have drivers. They may come with .inf files, which contain the parameters within wwhich the monitor works resolution rates, refresh frequencies, etc.). If not they are able to use the standard ones built-in to windows.

I think tech support are misleading you. Much more likely than a monitor problem is an issue with your graphics card. Overheating is common - so is out-of-date drivers for your graphics card.

If the situation only arises in this game, simple logic tells you it's more likely to be a problem with the game itself, or the interaction between the game and other software, such as the graphics card or it's driver.

Tell us more about your system please, and the graphics card in particular.

  woodchip 23:55 12 Dec 2008

All modern Monitors are Plug and Play, but you need to check both BIOS and windows as got this switched on

  dazza39 11:28 15 Dec 2008


Monitor make is GNR 19" flat screen no driver downloads on website.

Graphics card is 512MB 9600GT, up-to date drivers.

Only started losing display in this particular game when I upgraded to the new expansion Mines of Moria, played fine before that, which makes me think its game related bug for my type of card?.It is frustrating, overheating not the issue as I can play other games no problem.


  dazza39 12:35 06 Jan 2009

How do i check if i have Plug n Play switched on?,currently I only have default monitor, apparently the games Customer Service told me to change to PNP?.

  woodchip 14:16 06 Jan 2009

Go into BIOS this may be just keep taping Del key but it could be another different key depending on your BIOS. Instructions how to navigate bottom right in BIOS you have no mouse in BIOS

  dazza39 09:07 07 Jan 2009

What am looking for in BIOS screen.?Thanks

  DieSse 11:25 07 Jan 2009

Nothing - there is nothing to turn on to enable Plug 'n Pray. It's there in Windows.

If your monitor is working, it's working - if it's called "default" it's because P&P has found it.

I'm 99.9% sure they're misleading you, and that it's a game problem.

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