kimosabi 23:30 07 Aug 2007

Hi Guys
On starting up my computer running winxp pro the screen shows my icons in six different screens and are all the same in each screen and I can activate them all. I am baffled by this how can I show only one screen I hope you can understand what I am trying to explain your help would be appriciated

  2neat 23:34 07 Aug 2007

Err no! New one on me. Think you need to repair XP

  kimosabi 23:40 07 Aug 2007

Hi 2neat
Thanks for your swift response Yes its a new one on me too If I do a repair will I lose any programs or drivers

  Rich_B 23:52 07 Aug 2007

No, you wont lose any programs or drivers doing a repair.

Are you saying the single monitor screen is split 6 ways? each being a small screen in it's own right?

If so you wanna get to the bottom of this and sell it as an application!!

Joking aside - do you have an up to date, good anti-virus?


  kimosabi 00:17 08 Aug 2007

Hi Rich_B
Yes thats what I am saying, no I have not got anti virus on yet I just reformatted the drive and reinstalled xp This is not my computer it was working fine on my monitor.My mate took it home and connected to his monitor which produced the said problem I will do a repair and see if that will sort it out unless someone comes up with the answer because I won't see him until next week

  kimosabi 20:07 08 Aug 2007

ok had the computer back works ok on my moniter
suspect that my mates moniter in u/s
thanks for you help

  ambra4 22:35 08 Aug 2007

How old is the monitor as some older monitor will not work correct on present day computers

Seeing that it working fine on your monitor your mate need to change the monitor

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