LANDCRUISER 12:15 16 Mar 2007

I have a mitsubishi diamond pro 920 monitor & just recent it has beeb driving me mad it keeps switching itself of when i boot up the pc,then it settle down,i have run antivirus,adaware,spybot & all is clear, any ideas what it may be

  skidzy 12:19 16 Mar 2007

Check your graphics card is firmly seated,check the lead is secure also.
This also may be a power issue from the psu.Have you tried the monitor on another pc.

  LANDCRUISER 12:34 16 Mar 2007

thanks for your reply skidzy,will check leads first,i do not have a spare pc so cannot try on another pc,what could be wrong on psu

  keef66 13:04 16 Mar 2007

I got as far as calling Misubishi tech support when my wife phoned me to say our 740SB was misbehaving. However, when I got home I found the power cord had virtually fallen out of the back of the monitor, and the vga lead was not fully inserted into the back of the graphics card. It's still working well, but it's just gone into the loft having been replaced by a 20 inch widescreen tft. Wow, where did all that desk space come from??

  skidzy 13:50 16 Mar 2007

Just a thought regarding the psu,if you have added any hardware or maybe extra usb devices,this may be a strain on the psu.You could try unplugging some devices to see if this helps.But i suspect a connection problem somewhere..leads/power lead etc..

  LANDCRUISER 16:18 16 Mar 2007

Hi every one,i think i have cracked it,i found the clip that holds the cards in placed had come lose & was not holding the cards,i will tick box as resolved & hope for the best,thanks to all of you for responce

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