Brice 23:01 29 Oct 2005

I am running MSxp PRO on an AMD 2000Xp .Have a nVidia Geforce4MX440
I have just bought a Targa 19" and after I had installed it and started the computer it tells me tha "windows did not start properly etc etc etc. and to chose to restart in 1. Safe mode etc etc.
I chose Windows to start at a previous set up that worked but the system goes back to "windows did not start ...... etc. The same thing happens if I try to start it in Safe Mode. Can anyone tell me why the installation of a new monitor will affect the workings of the operating system and how can I install my monitor without hassle.
By the way I reconnected my LG 15 " and after getting the same message "windows did not start.....etc I chose to start to a previuos setting and no everything is back to normal. However I want to use my new monitor. Help

  harps1h 01:35 30 Oct 2005

is the targa a crt or tft?

  Brice 08:32 30 Oct 2005

Hello harps1
The targa is a Tft. It has two connections VGA & DVI . My graphic card does not support DVI so I connected the new monitor as I connected my 15" LG TFT
Hope to hear from you

  Diemmess 09:19 30 Oct 2005

Can't understand this, though it is possible the new one is faulty!

I expect like me, you have tried in the past connecting various monitors to various PCs and they always work even if the display is awful until reset to suit the new arrangement.

  woodchip 09:21 30 Oct 2005

If you had a Crt before you need to reinstall Crt and drop the Resolution to the TFT then connect the New Monitor

  Harpur 11:34 30 Oct 2005

it could be that the resolution is out of the tft's range. that is why i asked what it was. do as woodchip suggested then try again

  CLONNEN 11:50 30 Oct 2005

This sometimes happens with new hardware - Windows refuses to boot up until you disconnect the new device.

I have this problem EVERY TIME I add something to one of our Windows ME computers - Eventually I found that if I selected No when asked to restart after the driver installation and THEN did ShutDown and then turned the computer back on after a minute it boots up fine - new hardware included.

If I say Yes to the restart instruction it just refuses to boot. Don't know the reason why? None of our other computers have this problem.

  DieSse 12:02 30 Oct 2005

I've seen a clients faulty monitor totally screw up a WinXP installation once.

And just to prove it, we did it again, as I didn't believe it the first time.

The monitor does, of course feed back something to the PC by way of informing the PC what it is. I didn't take the time to try and discover exactly what was happening (just not worth the hassle) - but a replacement monitor fixed things.

  Brice 15:23 30 Oct 2005

Hello everyone
Thanks for your replies. I´ll try the suggestions and will let you know how I got on
Once again thanks for your help

  Brice 12:42 21 Nov 2005

Hi everyone
Hope someone can help me fairly quickly as the IT engineer is coming over this afternoon.
I had him to upgrade myPc. I now have an Athlone 64 3000 Mghzchip on an Asus Morherboard(K8V-X SE) Also a new Graphis Card G ForceFX with 128 MB DDR memory. I have also chenged my 15" screen for 19". The screen is connected to PC via a digital cable
To cut the story short, my screen flickered when the resolutin was set to 1280x1024. All details on tool barts were blackened and the display also was black in colour when I first got the Pc back from him. However he said that the motherbaord was the culprit and installed a new board.
However after I switched on the PC I had the same problem but it righted itself after the 6th time of switching it on. Everything is working to near normal except that the screen stll flickers on & off when it is asked to perform a task at the resolutions 1280 x 1024 but work perfectly if the resolution is set at 1024 x 768.
Any idea what is the cause
Thanks for yopur prompt reply

  woodchip 19:25 21 Nov 2005

Look's like it not meant to go over 1024 x 768.

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