Money Program

  minefield 18:00 29 Aug 2006

Sorry to be so vague in the title, But what i'm looking for is a program that will allow me to monitor things I buy and then Sell.

I'm semi Retired now and have started recentley going to auctions and buying a few thing's then selling them for a small profit/loss on Ebay.

Just so I can see how much I Gain or Lose .

Many Thank's In Advance

  Woolwell 18:12 29 Aug 2006

Probably easiest way is to set up a spreadsheet using Excel or even MS Works spreadsheet. There are other free spreadsheets available too.

  minefield 18:23 29 Aug 2006

Woolwell, I use open office Which has a spreadsheet but I'm probably the only person in the country who as no Idea how I would do this.

I would idealy like a columns with item name, item cost, sale price, and one with the difference, If it worked out how much profit /loss I was making would be Perfect.

Hope some of this makes sence and sorry to be such hard work.

  VoG II 18:30 29 Aug 2006

If Open Office is anything like Excel then:

Put in your column headings in Row 1, Columns A to E (name, cost, sale price, Profit/loss)

In Row 2 enter name, cost, sale price

In D2 enter =c2-d2

In E2 enter =SUM(D$2:D2)

You should be able to copy the formulas down. In Excel you would hover the cursor over the bottom right of D2 until the cursor turns into a pluss then hold down the mouse buttun and drad down. Do the same with E2.

  VoG II 18:31 29 Aug 2006

Sorry, Column D heading is Difference.

  VoG II 18:32 29 Aug 2006

D2 =C2-B2

It is much easier to do than to write down!

  minefield 18:39 29 Aug 2006

VoG sorry I don't know how to do the trade mark thingy after your name, Very Impressive though.

Where was I, I'll try this now in open offices spreadsheet it sounds ideal.

I'll let you know how I faired

Many Thank's

  minefield 18:52 29 Aug 2006

VoG Soory But It's Not Working, Open Office is a very good program but i'm not very Good Using It.

Many Thank's I'll try and find a program where i just have to insert Costs and it works it out for me.

Regards Den

  ianeon 19:00 29 Aug 2006

This may be heresy - lol - but the latest issue of a computer magazine called "ComputerActive" has an excellent article on using Exel to construct spreadsheets for personal financial organisation - Issue 223 - dated31st Aug/13th September - Page 30 - refers. No doubt there are free programmes available to do this for you, but, sadly, my memory isn't what it used to be and I can't remember any.

  minefield 19:06 29 Aug 2006

ianeon Thank You, I'll try and obtain a copy.

Does it mention and freewre programs in the magazine ?

  minefield 08:00 30 Aug 2006

I've finally got it to Work and it is perfect for what I want, Just a couple of things, Could you tell me how to make the first column a date column and on the column called name which would be the 2nd one now, Is it possible to expand this column sideways so I can Insert Longer named item's ?

Many Thank's

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