Mojam 23:21 13 Mar 2009

My audio output has failed so I thought that the driver(s) had been lost so I tried to get drivers for this.
The only download I found was Driver Detective so I downloaded this but this does not seem to help at all as it just tells me that there are no drivers for USB audio devices. It does not offer a list of possible drivers that I can download, so therefore I feel I have wasted my pension money.
When I first downloaded D/D there was a path to get a refund, but this facility has now vanished since I was asked to upgrade the system.
I hate to feel 'ripped off' so any help will be much appreciated.

  lotvic 23:34 13 Mar 2009

Ouch, you do not have to pay any money to get drivers. They are free to download/update.

Are you wanting help to 'get a refund'
or to fix the 'audio output' problem?

Please give more details of the system you have:
XP, Vista...? and the Audio setup - you say it's USB? What equipment do you have?
What happens when you try to play a CD?

We will help if we can.

  Mojam 00:13 14 Mar 2009

Thanks Lotvic,
I am first trying to sort the lack of audio, and second trying to get a refund for my badly spent money.
I have tried to play a CD and I get the visual output but no sound.
My OP system is Windows XP Home in a custom built computer by Web-systems 658 web gamer Intel Pro.
My USB speakers (new) are Sweex SP006 and my original speakers are ADI SP 3000.
The motherboard is P4 V88.
I have contacted Driver Detective help twice in the past 7 days with no reply from them.

  Graphicool1 12:26 14 Mar 2009

If ever you're thinking of buying software for your PC check with us first, chances are we can save you money by recommending a Free alternative.
Driver Maxis one such alternative. It will scan your PC and check to see what drivers you need or need updating. It will tell you which ones are available from them, if it hasn't got all the drivers you need it will alert you when it has. This service is 100% Free
click here

  Mojam 17:03 14 Mar 2009

Thanks Graphicool1,

I will check this out for a possible answer to my present problem and Have noted this for future use.
Hard to believe that all this info. is free when I have spent money for the same.

  lotvic 23:41 14 Mar 2009

The USB part is only to provide power (electric) to the speakers. Have you checked all the connections and plugged the other lead into the back of the pc - the speaker audio is the green jack plug.

Is the blue light on the speakers lit up?
Have you checked if there is an on/off switch or wheel on the speakers and
have you tried plugging into a different usb port on the pc?

If you go to 'My Computer' and right click and choose 'Properties' > Hardware > Device Manager
are there any yellow exclamation marks against any of the devices?

Are you using onboard Audio or do you have a separate sound card installed?
(or are you not sure)

Have you only 'lost' the sound since you changed the speakers?

If you put the old speakers back, do you then have sound?

Just for info: link to Sweex SP006 speakers click here it states they are 'plug and play' so can't see that you would need additional drivers.

  Mojam 00:17 15 Mar 2009

1st Para:- Yes have tried this.
2nd Para:- The blue light is on the speakers.
3rd Para:- There are two yellow question marks against 'other devices' and then below USB Sound device.
4th Para:- I believe the audio is 'onboard'
5th Para:- No, the sound went so then I bought the new speakers.
6th Para:- The old speakers relaced do not give sound.
(just for info) :- Thats what I thought.

Many thanks for coming back.

  lotvic 00:41 15 Mar 2009

Ooops, I got it a bit wrong methinks... senior moment... time I went to bed :))

The USB connection seems to do both the power and sound lead (green jack plug not needed) and bypasses the soundcard.

I'm just going to check on the USB Sound device having a yellow in device manager.

I think that's the place where it needs sorting - have a look and see what info/clues you can glean.
Rightclick on it/them for submenu to choose from.

I'm off now, will be back Sun night.

  Graphicool1 15:16 15 Mar 2009

I too visited the Sweex site and then did a Web search and came up with this information...
"Initially I struggled to get these working as its not as straight forward as connecting normal external speakers. I had to fiddle around the 'Control Panel' to change the speaker settings to 'USB Sound Device'"

  lotvic 21:16 15 Mar 2009

That seems as if it is it.

Anybody know what settings need changing?

I haven't got usb speakers so can't have a look.

I'm going to post a new thread and ask others to join in - I'll put a link to this thread.

  skidzy 21:34 15 Mar 2009

The more i read about Driver Detective...the problems seems to arise......this is not the first DD problem to hit PCA forum.

First thoughts;
Use system restore to a time before you installed Driver Detective.

I believe your board is an Asrock and thry normally use the Realtek AC97 audio driver click here

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