Moiré effect on jpegs...

  artiface 10:13 11 Sep 2007

I'm a semi-pro artist selling much of my stuff on online auction sites, like ebay, and ebid, so I need to be able to take good pictures of my work. Several days ago I noticed that some jpeg images I took of a painting all had bad Moiré lines on them (these are lines that appear when the thing your photographing contains multi detailed linier work), so I tried again, and again, and everytime I got the same result. Later, I noticed that some of the jpeg images I took weeks ago all seem to be suffering from the same problem.
The first thing I did was to reinstall my Digital Camera's software - I also reinstalled my Image Editing software, but all to no effect.
I'm fresh out of ideas. Could it be a Virus, is there something wrong with my Screen, or the screen settings? Any assistance would be much appreciated.

  johnnyrocker 10:16 11 Sep 2007

click here= might be of use.


  €dstowe 10:36 11 Sep 2007

This is quite common with any compressed image file system.

For pro or semi pro work, JPEG is not the best system to use. Try another format such as TIFF or something with much less compression than an ordinary JPEG.

  artiface 11:03 11 Sep 2007

Jpeg's are the common file used - I've never had any problems before, TIFF files are too big to be used on the Net.

  [email protected] 11:16 11 Sep 2007

This may help if you use Photoshop/Photoshop Elements

  [email protected] 11:19 11 Sep 2007
  ventanas 11:23 11 Sep 2007

Every time you open and close a .jpg it will deteriorate a bit further. If you want images for professional use avoid this format until you are finished editing. Use .tif or the programs own format. When you are satisfied with it make the final save a .jpg, and avoid heavy compression if possible.

Also what resolution is the camera set to. If the images are large you may be shrinking them too much in your software. For web use try setting one of the lower sizes on your camera, but maintain low compression (good quality).

  artiface 11:24 11 Sep 2007

I've already tried to resolve this with Image Editing software. My problem is that up until several days ago I was taking good images. What I need to know is why has it started to fail now.

  artiface 11:32 11 Sep 2007

Jpegs need to be used for online imaging, and, as I've said above, I've never had this problem before.
What I need to know is: why is this happening now, after 4 years of trouble free images?

  ventanas 11:34 11 Sep 2007

If that's the case it may be time to look at either the camera, the memory card, or the monitor.

The monitor is easy, just print one of the images. If the effect is still there the monitor is fine.

Do you have more than one memory card. Try another or format the one you are using and try again.

What make and model is the camera, and how old is it?
If an SLR you may have dust etc. on the CCD.

  Diemmess 11:36 11 Sep 2007

Is this link any help? click here
It is supposed to be specically for Paint shop pro.

If it works, fine.
Like you I suspect you have altered some procedure and don't know what!

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