MOHAA dedicated server help

  kingkenny 23:27 08 Apr 2003

Hi all,

I have been looking on some websites trying to teach myself how to setup a dedicated server on my home PC for various games types within MOHAA.
One particular site is click here which has a guide to setting a server of this type up.

I have stumbled on setting up the serverXX.cfg file and am unsure of the notation to use within this file type. I have pasted some example to help clarify this topic below:

seta sv_timeout "120"
seta sv_pure "1"
seta sv_gamespy "1" // Show our server in gamespy
seta sv_allowdownload "1" // Allow clients to download paks of our server
seta sv_maxrate "8000"
seta sv_floodProtect "1"
seta sv_minping "0"
seta sv_maxping "0"
seta sv_precache "1"

The info above has varied from site to site, some have the notation starting "set" others have "seta" and another has "sets". So i am not sure on that front.

The other issue is that when I follow instructions to save the wordpad doc with a cfg extension it still sticks a .txt on the end.

Can anyone offer any help on setting up this type of file?
or Can anyone offer any help on overall set up?

If you do, then I will extend an invite to you to join in a match in my newly set up server

Thanks to anyone in advance.

  kingkenny 13:15 09 Apr 2003

I have realised that this post is outside the main traffic times of this forum so have posted to it to get it back into view.

I would appreciate any advice that anyone can give

  kingkenny 09:41 10 Apr 2003

I think I had ignored the "//" marks on my commands. I thought those were for telling the system to ignore this part or command though. I think maybe i read the instructions wrong there.

Would that explain why the start up console said "Couldn't exec Server01.cfg"

It also states, however, that a file "Allied Pilot" is corrupt but I have never modified any of my skins, any thoughts?

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