MOHAA clan

  Saltyseadog 21:00 06 Jul 2003

Does anyone know where i can join a UK Medal of Honor Allied Assault clan?

  Jester2K II 21:10 06 Jul 2003

Really you need to play on their servers with them and they'll invite you if you are good.

  powerless 21:17 06 Jul 2003

I find if you nkow how to have a laugh on the servers, tell a joke etc. It helps you even more...

  wee eddie 21:23 06 Jul 2003

God, are they really that serious

  ordep 22:17 06 Jul 2003

Could try click here Saltyseadog, were in the process of getting a clan together.

Ordep beat me to it!

We have a member who is part of a well known MOHAA clan, i am sure if you join us, he will be more than willing to introduce you to the members of his clan.

  ordep 07:14 07 Jul 2003

The serial cable suppled with my now ageing digital camera (Fuji MX-700), the one for downloading images from camera to computer, does not fit my new computer anywhere.
Is it possible i can get a new cable from somewhere.
The cable supplied with the camera, fitted RS-232c.

  ordep 07:18 07 Jul 2003

Sorry, posted in the wrong place, can you delete this FE

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