steve263000 11:12 12 Oct 2004

I have just changed my browser to Modzilla. It is a lot faster than I.E., and I love the tabbed browsing. I just load my favourites, and change pages when I like. It also has a built in composer for web design and a email support, although I have not used it yet. What does the forum think of Modzilla, and are there better ones around? Also if I change my email to use the Modzilla system can I import my mail and address book from Outlook Express.

  mbp 20:38 12 Oct 2004

A popular browser. Yes you can import. It's all there in the program.

  Gaz 25 22:15 12 Oct 2004

It's a very good program indeed!

  steve263000 02:53 13 Oct 2004

I had a problem with it last night. While doing the online shopping at Asda, not all of the information would show up. MOst of the shop did not come up, and I could not pay for my goods. I changed to I.E. and it worked fine. Any idea's?

  mbp 10:45 13 Oct 2004

The main reason I constantly use, Firefox & Thunderbird, is for my satisfaction of browsing in relative SAFETY. I also keep IE for when I need it, like for my automatic downloading of MS updates. I am not belittling the functional aspects of IE or OE. They are excellent programs but subject to being targetted by viruses. But why should I expose myself to Hackers, Viruses, Hijackers and wot not unnecessarily. Certainly, I have all my protection installed, but still!!!

I don't know if I am paranoid, but when I leave my computer to go for lunch, for example, I even disconnect my internet connection, so that I am not visible during that period. I am on Broadband. Touch wood, I have been browsing for the past 4 years, and I haven't yet been attacked by anything. I am one of those who dreads having to re-install or go to my registry to remove a virus signature, or anything like that because I know so little about IT. I just want to be able to use my PC in peace! And I do not like to spend a lot of money on protection either, as a pensioner!

  steve263000 08:28 14 Oct 2004

Thank's for the posts on this. Asda is not the first site that I have had problems with, and I had another site just this morning. However as mpb says, I.E. is the main target for the hackers. I will just use Modzilla for main browsing, and go back to I.E when required.

  mbp 10:43 14 Oct 2004

Steve, it is Mozilla without the "D". I know that it is a typographical error. Try Thunderbird, it is just as easy to use as your mail program but keep your Outlook Express.

  steve263000 14:14 15 Oct 2004

My apologies for the typo, and thanks to all who responded.

  wallbash 21:28 15 Oct 2004

I have just started to use firefox and Thunderbird
(must admit the names are good)So i could be compleatly wrong ( has been Known)!!!
But when I had trouble veiwing some pages , was told to instal IE View 0.83 an add on to Firefox , Easy to install and can now see wot i saw when I viewed Using I.E

  steve263000 16:17 25 Oct 2004

Just a note re Mozilla. I have now deleted it for the time being. I could not get rid of it as the primary browser. It is no doubt a good fast browser, and worth using. But there are to many conflicts with other sites to use as the main browser window.

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