Modifying a PC case

  Tony7 16:56 19 Dec 2006

A simple, non electronic or software problem. Where (or how)do I modify the blanking plate at the rear of my computer case? There are aseries of cutouts which match the previous board but the new one has an additional series of sockets for games and audio. One could leave the plate off but this looks poor and, I wonder, not provide sufficient screening. Any help would be appreciated.

  Pamy 17:11 19 Dec 2006

If you left the plate off would this allow additional sockets? If so, why not cut the plate down and leave additional sockets available?

  daxian 17:25 19 Dec 2006

hi tony7....
normally when you buy a new board there is a new backplate supplied...was this not the case with yours ....????
you could get in touch with the manufactures and ask for one, if not supplied .
or pop into your local pc shop and see if they have a spares box .(not pcworld)Dave.

  Stuartli 17:29 19 Dec 2006

Do you mean the blanking plates which cover unused PCI slots or the rectangular I/O templates/shields type for video, audio etc ports?

If the latter, I'm surprised you didn't get one with the motherboard.

You may have to try a local computer components outlet on the off chance they have a suitable example.

  Tony7 17:30 19 Dec 2006

Looks like I shall carveup the existing plate. Not too difficult. The board was secondhand so I'm not too bothered. Thanks for you help and advice.

  Stuartli 17:42 19 Dec 2006

Many such plates have sections pre-cut so that they can be used with other ports configurations.

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