moden problems please help

  dek26 14:49 20 Jun 2003

i recently got a new base unit that had windows 2k on it and i upgraded 2 xp but the pc started 2 crash so i had 2 format the pc 2 get xp off because it would not uninstall from add remove programes so i then installed windows 98 and upgraded it 2 xp and the problem persisted then i found out that my hard disk was ntfs so i chaged it back 2 fat32 with a little help from a friend but i have decided 2 just stay at 98 for the time being now the problem im havin is that before i formatted the unit the internal modem was working properly and on com 3 but since then the modem is still working properly but now on com 4 and now i cant get online with aol it cant seam 2 find the modem so i went in2 device manager but it says its working fine but on com4 is there a way 2 change it 2 com 3 so i can get online any help would be much appreciated hope this makes sense 2 some1 out there cos its way over my head now.

  Philip2 15:01 20 Jun 2003

You can change your com setting on AOL by going to change modem i think you use expert set up it's a while since was with AOL.

  woodchip 15:03 20 Jun 2003

If it works on com3 you will never get on the net with com4 you need to remove the port in Device Manager then go to add new hardware wizard choose to install from list it should ask you what port you want to put it on choose com3 if you have a disc for modem after you have removed the port and modem do the above but when you get to the list also click have disc

  dek26 17:15 20 Jun 2003

how do u remove the port in device manager?

  Tj_El 17:19 20 Jun 2003

Strangely enough I was working on a friends laptop last nite trying to get her connected to the Net via AOL. Turned out that her modem was on COM3 but the AOL system setting was looking for a modem on COM1.

In the end after much fluffing about including removing the modem and allowing it to be re-installed on re-boot whereupon it attached itself back to COM3, I uninstalled AOL and re-installed it choosing COM3 during Expert setup.

BINGO! Problem solved!

Hope this helps you some...


  woodchip 17:37 20 Jun 2003

just click the port then click remove at the bottom

  Philip2 13:22 21 Jun 2003

Go to control panel click on phone and modem click modems click properties click advanced then advanced port settings you can change your port. This works on XP Pro and XP Home.
This will work better than using AOL software.

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