Modem/router problems

  weatherson 14:27 29 Feb 2008

Hi guys, new to the site.

I recently set up a home network using a Micronet sp3367 modem/router I bought from maplins. I'm new to networking, and the instructions with the router were not very helpful. I eventually got it working, and have sorted a few problems by looking up on the net. But I still have a problem I have not been able to solve.

The router seems to disconnect regularly, and I lose my internet connection. I can still log onto the router to reset it, so it's not the wireless side of things. The reset sometimes works, but usually only for a very short time. Thing is, sometimes it will work fine for hours on end, and then it just seems to give up. I have to reset my pc and switch the modem on/off to get a reliable connection back, and even that doesn't always work. There doesn't seem to be much online support for the router, I've not even been able to locate a copy of the firmware.

If anyone has any ideas on where I can start please let me know as it's driving me nuts!

Please bear in mind I'm quite new to this.

  MAJ 22:45 29 Feb 2008

It sounds suspiciously like a bad line, weatherson. Open the router's configuration page and see if you can see an entry for the line stats. Look for the readings for SNR and Attenuation and post those readings.

To open the router's configuration page, open your browser and type in:

and enter the uusername: admin and the password: admin, and click OK.

  weatherson 10:31 01 Mar 2008

Ok, below are some readings I found under the device info tab in the routers setup screen. I'm not sure, but it looks like this is what you wanted to see.


ADSL Firmware Ver: FwVer: HwVer:T14.F7_0.0

Line State: Showtime

Modulation: G.DMT

Annex Mode: ANNEX_A

Downstream Upstream

SNR Margin: 16.0 20.0 db

Line Attenuation: 46.0 31.0 db

Data Rate: 2304 288 bps

  MAJ 13:35 01 Mar 2008

Those readings don't look too bad, weatherson, although line attenuation is a little on the high side, it will range from 20 - 60 with the closer to 20 the better. There's not a lot you can do about improving that as it will be down to the quality of your line and the distance you are from your exchange. Anyway, that doesn't seem to be the problem. I wonder if the router itself faulty (intermittent fault), is there anyway you could borrow another router (from a mate maybe) and try it out instead of your own for a while, see if the same problem occurs? It could also be a faulty ADSL filter, maybe try changing those too?

  weatherson 16:21 01 Mar 2008

Right, I don't have access to another modem/router unfortunately, but my old usb modem didn't have these problems. I have tried using different filters too, with no success.

I have tried moving the router to the master telephone socket, and the downstream SNR margin has gone from 16 to 24. Is this good? I'm assuming the higher this number is, the stronger the signal is compared to noise.

Line attenuation has dropped slightly to about 45 db.

Thanks for the help so far, it's much appreciated!

  MAJ 17:00 01 Mar 2008

The SNR increase is good, weatherson. I would expect that if you hadn't been using the master socket previously, it's when it starts to get lower that you need to start worrying, at around 7 you'll start to dropped connections and will need to reboot the router to get things going again. Line attenuation will not vary much, usually 1db is about the maximum variation you'll see.

Off-hand, other than a glitch in the router or your network card, I can't think of another reason for the problem at the moment.

  weatherson 17:06 01 Mar 2008

Ok, thanks for the help.

I think the network card is ok, I don't lose connection with the router, just internet connection.

I'll dig out the receipt and get the modem/router replaced if possible.

Thanks again

  Tech Guy 18:14 01 Mar 2008

Before you take the router back double check filter is OK and RJ11 cable is ok by using a friends.

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