Modem/Router disconnection problem!

  Forza 13:38 07 Apr 2007

Im connected with a BT Voyager 205 ADSL Modem to the internet. I also have a Belkin 802.11g Wireless G Router to connect another PC in the house.

Now the modem and the router are connected with an ethernet cable. The internet connection keeps failing. The 'modem' light flashes on the router and the 'ethernet' light flashes on the modem, any ideas what is going wrong please?

This is driving me mad!

  mocha 05:30 08 Apr 2007

Does the internet connection fail if a computer is connected directly to the modem, if it's still failing with above connection then it sounds like your modem is at fault.

  T0SH 19:47 09 Apr 2007

The Voyager 205 is a modem router if as you stated the Belkin is also a router, and you have both connected together, then you will have 2 devices with DHCP Servers fighting for control of the IP addressing on your network (that is unless you have turned of the DHCP server in the Belkin)

Cheers HC

  Forza 06:15 12 Apr 2007

Ok, i hadnt tried turning off the DHCP Server in the Belkin router but i have now and it's not that. But, now i cant connect with the Belkin router so i can go into the settings and turn it back on! Ive had to disconnect the Belkin router just to get back online to do this!

How can i connect it and get into the settings to change it back?

  Forza 08:00 12 Apr 2007

Actually ive managed to do it. I just had to reset the router and use the install wizard to set it up again.

The problem is still there though. The connection is fine when connected directly to wired PC. When the Belkin router is introduced the connection keeps failing.

Ive spoke to Belkin and they think there may be a fault with their product.

  PP321 10:11 12 Apr 2007

it does sound like it is a problem with the router.

Was it bought from pc world by any chance?

Take it back, explain the problem and they should exchange it for you.

  regal 22:45 11 May 2007

I'm having exactly the same problem! The Router (Belkin F5D7230-4) works for a few minutes then shuts down. Turn off the power and then switch back on and the connection comes back. I'm using it with a ntl:home cable modem. The connection works fine when the modem is connected directly to the PC.

  Forza 23:04 11 May 2007

It was my Belkin router that was faulty. Belkin sent me a new one.

  quazi 17:19 18 Jul 2007

I recently went through the smae issue with my newly purchased Belkin G plus MIMO router. The solution in the end was to access the device manager for my network card and set the SPeed / Duplex from "AUTO" to 10mb half duplex. My connection ( Rogers portable internet 1.5mb down 256 up ) was as advertised when the modem was connected straight to the PC but once the belking router was introduce my speeds dropped to less then 1/10th or 100kbs down. Setting the speed/duplex put me back up.

Hope this info helps someone else.

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