Modem/Port Not Working

  CDL 12:32 26 Dec 2008

Hello - and Happy Christmas !
I've just reinstalled XP pro on a laptop. All is fine but although the modem 'makes a noise' it won't connect to my ISP. I have un/reinsalled both it and drivers. I do notice however that there were no 'Ports'listed in Device Manager. I have installed 'Ports' using Install New Hardware wizard but onl get COMM4 installed (with a yellow !) and NOT COMM 3 on which the Modem is supposed to be on.
What am I doing wrong ?


have you reinstalled your motherboard drivers or just used xp's if not try reinstalling them

  CDL 21:07 27 Dec 2008

Hello handyd

Thanks for the help - ended up doing another re install to get it sorted - all OK now !


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