Modem/fax PCI card

  sunny staines 20:07 29 May 2006

thinking of taking out an old Modem/fax PCI card from an old computer to my recently built one.

The card has a cable from the card to unmarked pins on the m/board. Would this cable be required for a modern motherboard.

Is the coms port the same as a modem conection pins?

will only be using this card to send/recieve the occasional FAX.

Can anyone advise please.

  Totally-braindead 20:15 29 May 2006

It really depends on what the modem is. To be perfectly honest with you theres no harm in trying it, providing you have the drivers but I have to point out a new modem only costs about a tenner click here and if you go to your local PC shop you might get it for less than that. My local shop sells them for £8 something.

  DieSse 00:56 30 May 2006

The cable is probably a "wake on modem/ring" connection - which you really don't need.

*Is the coms port the same as a modem conection pins?*

I'm not sure what you mean - most modern modems are "soft" modems - and the comm port is emulated in the modem software. You will definately need the modem software disk/CD whatever type of modem it is.

There's no reason it shouldn't work though - as long as you have the driver disk/CD.

  sunny staines 07:49 31 May 2006

thanks for the help.

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