Modem won't work

  spanglysteve 03:07 02 Nov 2003

My friends HDD was broken, so we bought a new one and installed win98 SE on it.

However we can't get the internal modem to work. It used to work fine before we replaced the hard-drive. In the hardware profile windows lists a PCI communications device with an exclamation mark.

The rest of the system is PII 350MHz, 128 RAM, 16MB AGP Monster Fusion.

I have tried clicking on "update driver" for the PCI comms device and telling windows that it is a generic 56K modem, this got rid of the exclamation, but then the modem diagnostics said it couldn't communicate with the modem.

Deperately need your help, its driving us mad


  SGT BARNES 04:00 02 Nov 2003

what modem is it ????

  spanglysteve 12:32 02 Nov 2003

thats the problem i have no idea, i know its a 56K one, but its internal and has no identifiers on it

  MichelleC 13:21 02 Nov 2003

Sometimes 98 needs a kick in the rear port to get things working. Try deleting driver, taking out the modem, rebooting, reinstalling modem and letting os find new device. If you're online and navigate to 'windows update' it'll search for a better driver.

  spanglysteve 13:33 02 Nov 2003

thanks for the help michelleC, but i suspected that as well, and tried doing that only to be returned with the same problem again. I don't know if this helps but i forgot to mention that it also has an ISA AWE32, but i'm only saying that for info as the sound card works and there are no conflicting exclamations for it

any more ideas?

  MichelleC 13:45 02 Nov 2003

Try this unknown devices utility click here It may help.

  Belatucadrus 14:10 02 Nov 2003

When you find out what it is, here is a good starting point to look for modem drivers click here

  spanglysteve 22:06 02 Nov 2003

thanks michelleC that unknown devices programmed identified the modem, and thanks belatucadrus, i got the driver from that website, its all working great now!

I do't know what i'd do without you guys, thanks again!


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