Modem Won't Connect

  The Spires 15:13 29 Aug 2004

A friends Pc has Windows XP on recently installed & using dial up connection which is where the problem lies. The pc will happily connect to the net at my house first time every time but refuses to get past the hand shake when installed at my friend’s house. She uses a 0845 number to connect and it seems after the initial dial the modem picks up what sounds like an engaged tone for a few seconds & then attempts a hand shake, after which the connection fails or connects at a very slow speed.

I found out today that she also uses Glow Telecom with Carrier Pre-select on a BT line, however I also use Toucan with CPS and have no problems. I have removed wait for dial tone etc to no avail. There is no information on the Glow Telecom web site. There are no reported problems with the modem in device manager & the pc was ok until the reinstallation of XP which was done because of viral problems and as said earlier it works fine at my house, any ideas anyone?

  jack 15:32 29 Aug 2004

Sounds like a 'line' problem
is it shared? or another device like an answerphone/fax/mobile station on the same line?
Get the Telco[BT] to check connection

  The Spires 15:37 29 Aug 2004

Going to take a extension lead with me tomorrow & hook-up to the master socket, however the thing worked fine until the re-installation of XP. Sob sob.

  The Spires 16:23 29 Aug 2004

Has anyone else had problems with dial-up on a Carrier Pre-selection?

  The Spires 18:40 29 Aug 2004


  The Spires 20:13 29 Aug 2004

Bump :-)

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