Modem v Modem-Routers - New Broadband user

  kwil2 01:45 16 Sep 2007

Hi..I’ve finally decided to go broadband and understand initial setup is best done from a wired connection.
I intend to buy a new computer at the turn of next year which will almost certainly be WiFi-enabled.
Currently, though, my system has no wireless card and I’d rather not faff around fitting one right now, preferring to wait for the new computer.
Since my potential ISP provides a ‘free’ modem, I understand if I want to go wireless with my new computer, I’d have to purchase an ADSL wireless router (plus any adapters for laptop etc)
This wireless router would, correct me if I’m wrong, need to be connected to the ‘free’ modem.
However,instead of taking the ‘free’ modem from the outset, it’s possible to buy a modem-router either from the ISP or another source.
Would it be best then for me to take this option, have everything in one box to cater for present and future needs? Having more boxes than necessary doesn’t please me – or the wife!
I’d appreciate any thoughts on the matter.
Many thanks

  brundle 01:54 16 Sep 2007

Correct on every count - a combined modem/router is the way to go. You will be able to connect other machines wirelessly or with a network cable. I have had no problems with Belkin and Netgear products, others may recommend different makes. What is the hardware your ISP is offering?

  Dipso 09:53 16 Sep 2007

I agree, a combined modem/router from the outset is the best way to go.

Many of the free modems offered are USB (presuming this is broadband over a BT line and not cable) and therefore can't be connected to a router anyway.

  martjc 12:08 16 Sep 2007

...allows you to connect via ethernet cable in the first instance. As stated above, it's better to go the single box route. And there will be the benefit of a hard wired firewall as part of the router.

  €dstowe 12:52 16 Sep 2007

Before you go wireless, check out networking through the mains supply - which is the up and coming thing at the moment.

I've just converted my home computers to this and I'm very pleased (unlike some time ago when I took part in a development project on the system).

Using Netgear "gear" that is an ethernet modem/router and mains adapters click here (you need two to make the system work) I have a much better, more reliable Internet setup and link between all my home machines and printers than it ever was with wireless.

  kwil2 01:15 18 Sep 2007

Thanks all for taking time to reply

The ISP will supply a free modem with ethernet cable plus USB cable.
So, again, do I simply forget this and go for a 'modem-router'?

  €dstowe 06:49 18 Sep 2007

The "free" modems supplied by ISPs tend to be basic, to say the least and if you want anything more than this go for the better options - not forgetting my suggestion which seems to be the coming thing. Certainly more reliable than wireless.

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