Modem - Switch - Wireless Router Trouble

  sean-278262 14:34 20 Dec 2007

Currently we have a modem at the master socket for the ADSL internet, this has an ethernet cable to connect to a switch in the attic from this the wires filter through the house to the various points within the house.

We recently purchased a wireless router and wish to replace the switch in the attic with the wireless router. However if we attach the wireless router to the cable from the modem we can have wireless internet but no wired connectivity.

Obviously we dont want to fork out another wad of cash to upgrade everything to be wireless enabled however I cannot find any solution to getting it all to work wired and wirelessly at the same time.

We managed yesterday to get it to work briefly by connecting them in a daisy chain of Modem - Switch - Wireless Router, however this morning it all stopped working completely.

What we have at the moment are

A Zyxel P-660HW T1 wireless router
click here

A Zyxel P-660RU T1 Wired modem
click here

A Linksys Etherfast 5 port switch
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I would appreciate if anyone can help me get it set up as I have no real clue what I am doing bar following instructions of which there are none for doing what we are doing. Many thanks.

  ambra4 15:58 20 Dec 2007

From the modem Ethernet port connect to the wireless router wan port, connect a Ethernet cable from port 1 on the router to the switch

Disable the DHCP on the modem and enable the DHCP on the wireless router

The wireless router will now supply the network IP Address to the switch

All users on wired and wireless can now have full access to the local network and Internet

  ambra4 16:02 20 Dec 2007

If you need to incress your users again just connect a second switch to port 2 on router

You can also do the same on port 3 & 4

  retep888 16:20 20 Dec 2007

It looks like you've fitted a wired modem/router( Zyxel P-660RU T1 ) and a switch ( Linksys Etherfast 5 port switch) was connected to it thru' an ethernet cable and finally a wireless modem/router (Zyxel P-660HW T1 )was connected to the switch.

To get it to work,I think,simply replace the wired modem/router (Zyxel P-660RU T1) with the wireless one (Zyxel P-660HW T1 ).
Keep the switch connecting to this wireless router,so that you can access internet both wired and wirelessly.

Hope this help.

  sean-278262 20:18 21 Dec 2007

Cheers everyone, finally got it working. It was DHCP and a slightly knackered Ethernet cable that needed replacing which explains the intermittent cutting out of the connection.

Cheers for that everyone and happy christmas.


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