modem speed

  rosebank 16:36 27 Mar 2004

Has anyone heard of V92 runing slower than V90

  woodchip 16:47 27 Mar 2004

Yes your ISP may not support V92

  GaT7 16:58 27 Mar 2004

To confirm woodchip's suspicions you may want to call them & enquire whether they do or not.

By the way, which ISP do you use?

  anchor 17:23 27 Mar 2004

Very, very few ISP`s in the UK have adopted V92. The only one I know who claim to have is UKU.

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We support:-
All modems up to 56k V90 / V92.
ISDN (inc BT Highway) 64K & 128K.
Network modems & routers.

  rosebank 17:33 28 Mar 2004

Problem resolved.I contacted Freserve.Their answer is that "V92 modems do sometimes have difficlties connecting. To solve this problem load V90 drivers.We are currently investigating suppoting the advanced features of the v.92 standard,and will be in touch when we have more information"
Old V90 modem loaded, now runing at 46667 !!!

Thanks to everybody who offered advice.

  GaT7 17:54 28 Mar 2004

rosebank - thanks for getting back.

I'm on Freeserve too & my V92 modem works better than my V90 modem - just the reverse of what you're experiencing! V92 - max44000 while V90 - max33600.

I'm on 4 other ISPs as well (on PAYG) & the V92 modem beats the V90 one every time.

  Stuartli 17:59 28 Mar 2004

I'm with Tiscali and Pipex using a near five-year-old Diamond SupraExpress 56i V Pro modem and consistently get 49.2kbps with Tiscali and 50.7-52kbps with Pipex....:-)

The only steps I've taken with the modem are to keep the driver up to date with Windows 98, 98SE and now Windows XP Pro.

  GaT7 18:06 28 Mar 2004

Please let me know where's the best place/website to go for modem driver updates?

  woodchip 20:26 28 Mar 2004

I am on V90 and connect just about 99.9% of the time at 48000bps

  TonyV 20:54 28 Mar 2004

It's interesting to read the question of speeds for V90 and V92. Last year I joined ntlWorld and could not connect to them via my WinModem Conexant HCF V90. Apparently it would not speak to theirs! So I had to buy another modem. I got a V92 and connected OK but always at 44k or less. I have now reverted back to BT and have tried both modems, and now use the original V90 and connect at 99.99% of the time at 49333. (I use WIN98SE along with a manully installed dial-up connection, not the BT one from the disc they supply.) Not unreasonable, except that I now have a spare V92 modem that I didn't really want to buy in the first place!!

  Stuartli 08:55 29 Mar 2004

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There are also many threads on the subject in the forums.

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