modem speed

  rosebank 20:33 10 Mar 2004

My download speed is 31200 and has gone as low as 24000.Any solutions?
Modem-intel{R} 536EP V92
Running windows ME
Pentium 4, 128ram, 40gb
Speed was 43500 before moving to an other town.
I have tried disconnecting all other phones.

  Daveboy 20:50 10 Mar 2004

If you have a BT supplied line these speeds indicate your line may be on a Digital Access Carrier System (DACS), ring BT to check. They wont do anything about it (voice line only they will tell you).Ask for ADSL on your line through your ISP, they apply to BT, they have to get you off the DACS as it is incompatable, when they have done that cancel your ADSL !!!

  GaT7 20:55 10 Mar 2004

How long have you been on 31200 and 24000? Is it the same throughout the day & night?

I'm on the same ISP & same modem. I usually get 44000 but at the moment (9pm) on 31200. It usually decreases during 'peak' times. Try disconnecting/re-connecting, or better still try after 10pm when it usually restores to the normal speed.

  Dagwoood 22:48 10 Mar 2004

I have the same modem and tried running on several different drivers, all of which were newer versions.

To my surprise, all of the newer drivers I tried gave me a big decrease in bandwidth and so I reverted to my original driver that came with the modem.

My download speed never gets below 44kb, even at peak times and in the small hours I can get up to about 49kb.

My driver version is dated 10/5/2002 and is version

I don't understand why the older version performs better for me as you're always advised to run the most upto date drivers available.

Although I have a different O/S to you(I'm on xp), the driver issue may be an avenue for you to explore.


  woodchip 23:13 10 Mar 2004

You have got a bad line or a dacs phone line

  Dagwoood 20:08 11 Mar 2004

The only other advice I can give you is to update your driver. There are a selection of drivers available for our modem at

click here

You have to register some details to access the drivers that are available on this site but in saying that, since I registered I have never received any correspondance from them.

From what I've read this modem can be very tempremental and it's common for people to suffer from low bandwidth and disconnection problems. It may be worth considering buying a different modem altogether.

I've never had any problems with it only,as I said before, when I updated the driver s/w it did get a lot slower(go figure).

Sorry but this is the only help I can offer and hope you can resolve this problem soon.


  GaT7 21:04 11 Mar 2004

Thanks rosebank for your message.

I have the same driver as you - v4.43.1. So may not be the driver. But did you try updating the driver anyway to see if it made a difference?

Did you call BT about the possible DACS line?

You also said you're receiving 43500 when you switched to the old computer. Are you using this old computer on the SAME phone line?

  GaT7 21:22 11 Mar 2004

For a online modem troubleshooter go to click here , check the appropriate boxes, click on Submit & see what it comes up with. Follow the links it throws up & try to do what it suggests. Post back to let us know how things go.

You can follow this link - click here about Freeserve connection speed issues. The 3rd link on the page has some good t'shooting advice - click here - read the entire article.

You can also contact Freeserve Support directly click here & see what they may suggest.

If still no joy after trying ALL the above, post back & let us know. Good luck, G

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