modem slow

  Scorpion2112 00:11 09 Jan 2005

I'm running on XP. I've got a slow connection(24kb/s) with dial up.I've downloaded latest driver but nothing changes. Took PC to neighbours house and got up to 50kb/s.I've checked the cables and all seems fine. Could it be my BT phone line causing the problem?

  Night Ryder 00:18 09 Jan 2005

Don't know if this will help but periodicaly I get a very slow connecton. What I do is go round the house and clean all the phone plugs and sockets. This usualy does the trick. Other possibilities if this doesn't work. Disconnect all the phones in the house and see if this improves things. If it does, re-connect the phones one at a time to find out which one is causing the problem. I do know that a faulty handset can cause connectoin speed problems.

  Totally-braindead 00:22 09 Jan 2005

If you're with BT you can ask them to check your line explaining your internet connection is very slow, if that doesn't turn up anything you can ask them to turn up the gain. That may or may not help, but its free to try. If your computer connects to the same internet provider at a different house much faster then it is most likely its something to do with your phone line.

  Scorpion2112 00:26 09 Jan 2005

Ok. I'll ring them tommorrow and check the connections also. I'll let you know how i get on.Thanks Guys.Martin.

  chaztait 01:05 09 Jan 2005

it could just be spywear

  Totally-braindead 12:26 09 Jan 2005

Good point, hadn't even thought of that. Do you have adaware and Spybot installed? Another one you could try is Microsoft Beta test ad killer, I'm running it now to see what happens.

  spuds 12:36 09 Jan 2005

Have you any spyware,trojan,dialler finder programmes installed and upto date. If so, give them a try and see if anything shows.But considering that you get different results at your neighbours house with the same pc, then try Night Ryder's suggestion, and if this doesn't find anything contact BT for a line check.

You could also consider a pc clean-up, if you haven't done one recently.

  Scorpion2112 14:02 09 Jan 2005

I've phoned BT and they said they will increase the gain which will be in the next 24 hours.I've recently reformatted the whole system and have Norton system works 2005 and Firewall which are completely up to date. Also every time I've used the internet, I've used Ad-aware to remove any spyware so I know it's not that but thanks for suggesting it. I will keep you informed.

  Scorpion2112 21:58 10 Jan 2005

Had a call from BT and they say it's something to do with the amount of phonelines in the area.They have increased the gain but the connection is no faster.What next?

  Scorpion2112 01:09 15 Jan 2005

Update. Been back on to BT and they have told me I can have my line De-daxed(or something like that) which involves an engineer fitting a small device on your contol box. takes a couple of weeks though.

  Scorpion2112 22:12 25 Jan 2005

RESULT. Bt engineer visited today and now we have connection speed of 45.2 Kb/s.Thanks for all your help Guys.

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