Modem sharing on LAN

  dodicesimo 16:56 09 Jan 2004

I've got two PCs connected via a wired LAN which works just fine for file/print sharing etc. The PCs operate on a stand alone basis and connect separately to the internet - with mine using a 2nd phone line dedicated to this purpose - and I've got two, equally separate ISP accounts. But I'm having real grief with my phone connection which is constantly dropping my internet connection every time the wind blows. Seriously!!! It's not a problem with the PC in question since I get the same grief when I connect my Mac Powerbook. The other machine, which connects via the original phone line (with calls diverted to a mobile when the internet is connected) is fine. Regardless of the weather. I live in the middle of nowhere, light years away from cable or broadband but I work from home and need an almost constant connection on my machine and it isn't practical to switch computers. Although I've got BT constantly on the case, it occurs to me that sharing the modem on the other machine might be a desperate measure worth considering on windy days!

I've got XP Pro on both machines and presumably I'll need to set up the shared modem thingy on the other one. But any advice on how to set it up at all is welcome since I could cover the head of a pin with what I know about shared modem connections!

if yopur LAN is working all you need to do is check the box for 'share this connection' on the machine you want to use as the gateway.

open your start menu, expand 'connect to' click 'show all connections'. a new window opens, right click the connection you wish to use then choose properties and then the advanced tab . the checkbox is there.

  dodicesimo 18:15 09 Jan 2004

I've had a go but am getting an error 799 that tells me I've got an IP conflict.

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