modem router connection problem to laptop

  dianew 11:32 30 Sep 2007

Hopefully someone can help me before I chuck my modem router through the nearest window!
I have bought a laptop which is wireless enabled. I also bought on the advice from Currys a modem router - belkin F5D7632uk4A Ver 5000uk. I successfully replaced my existing modem which was working fine & set up the new modem router on my main desktop computer, but then had to get a man in to set it up on my laptop. This worked fine whilst he was here but then he left and the problem started. My problem is that whilst I'm in the same room as the desktop I can get an internet connection very nicely but as soon as I change rooms the connection either becomes poor or disconnects completely! This is becoming increasingly frustrating as it defeats the whole point of having a laptop to use in a separate room! Someone else I know just bought a router, my questions is twofold:
1. Am I doing something wrong, if so please advise how to rectify this &
2. Would I be better off with just a router, if so how does this work?
Any advice would be greatly appreciated, please don't make it too technical as I'm ok to a point on computer technicalities but by no means an expert!
Thanks in advance,

  ambra4 11:51 30 Sep 2007

Upgrade to nwe firmware

Latest firmware for version 6 of the F5D7632 Modem-Router.

It fixes a number of connection problems with PPPoE and PPPoA

click here

  dianew 12:38 30 Sep 2007

sorry to sound thick ( i said I wasn't an expert!) but what exactly is nwe firmware, how do I get hold of one and is it expensive? Also if I get it, how does it work? ie do I have to install it on my desktop or laptop?

  handful 13:12 30 Sep 2007

Firmware is in laymans terms the technical information or software programmed into a chip in the router (or any other electronic device) Sometimes the performance of a device can be improved by flashing the firmware but it can be a little risky if not done properly. The link posted by ambra4 takes you to a download page where you can download this software. You may have to refer to your router manual to see how to flash the firmware if indeed this is the problem. I would be more inclined to look at click here and learn a bit more about adsl broadband first. If you follow the tips to improve speed it may also improve the strength?

  User-312386 13:45 30 Sep 2007

1. No your not doing something wrong, where is the wireless router situated in the room?

2. NO you want wireless and wireless you shall have.

3 Firmware is updating the software within the router itself

  dianew 16:03 30 Sep 2007

have tried downloading the update but it won't open, my computer is telling me it is possibly a corrupt file! (end prefix is .bin whatever that means). Have been on the advice site as advised by handful but I think I'm pretty much doing everything they say on the site.
Madboy - The router is situated on the desk next to my despktop computer - have tried relocating it but am limited to how far I can do this without completely rearranging my whole room! Would I have been better off just gettign a router and staying with my old modem which worked perfectly well? If so, how easy is it to set up a router? Does this need to be near to my desktop also?

  rdave13 16:29 30 Sep 2007

Don't know how to do it on a Belkin but you may need to change the channel. Changed mine from 1 to 9. click here

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