Modem to router connection.

  Meshuga 21:30 14 Apr 2004

At the moment my setup is as follows.I use xphome and broadband. My adsl usb modem is connected to the pc via a powered usb hub. The other connection from the modem is a cable going to the bt standard box.Both ends of this cable terminate in rj11 plugs, one end in the modem and the other end into the adsl socket in a filter in the bt box. This all works fine and fast. I now wish to add a router to connect extra pcs. I have been given as a present a 4 port BB router but my problem is how to connect the modem and router since the cable from the modem to the router has rj11 plugs as already mentioned above and the router has all rj45 sockets. So how would I connect the two together and how would I connect to the bt line. The router is powered seperately. Can anyone help please. I am having to go off line for a while but will pick up any replies later. Meshuga.

  Doogie Howser 21:42 14 Apr 2004

I don't think you'll be able to connect your USB modem directly to your router.I'm fairly sure you can only do this with an ethernet modem. To use a USB modem you will have to connect it to one PC which is connected to the router and enable internet sharing. This PC will have to be running to be able to use the modem from the other PCs.

  Sam Witch 21:43 14 Apr 2004

What you are doing is creating a home network, the modem plugs in to the router the router to the PCs. You should check your system for a network port, most modern PC's have them, if not you need a network card, connect it to the router.
Other PCs' also need a network connection.
so the least you need is a PC to router network cable. The most a network card for each PC and a network connection cable to each PC.
You could also go wireless to other pcs.

  Meshuga 21:46 14 Apr 2004

Thanks Doogie Howser. Could it be done if I bought an ethernet modem. Meshuga.

  Meshuga 21:53 14 Apr 2004

Thanks Sam Witch. I obviously should have given more info. Each of my pcs has ethernet ports. My problem is the different plugs and sockets as mentioned which are preventing me connecting modem to router.

  Doogie Howser 22:05 14 Apr 2004

I think an ethernet modem would solve your problem - I'd await confirmation of that from someone else before making a purchase though! In an ideal world you'd have been given a router with an integrated ADSL modem and then you could have ditched the USB modem. This is what I did recently when I bought the Netgear DG834G wireless router - fantastic bit of kit. Is there no way you can get the present exchanged?!!! is a good place to find out more info. click here

  Sam Witch 22:14 14 Apr 2004

My cable modem supports both usb and ethernet, check the specs. Plus you could do it as doogie suggests, connect the other pcs via the network port on your system via the router and then to the USB modem.

Posts in these forums suggest that ethernet is better than usb, I concur, as once I had the ethernet connection speeds went up as did reliability

  TomJerry 22:20 14 Apr 2004

(1) £22 to get one port router with build in modem click here and throw away useless usb modem. Connect this router to gift router.

(2) Send BB router back to your friend and get one 4 ports router with build-in router for £35 click here. Also throw away useless usb modem.

(3) Go wireless: D-Link DSL-604+ 22Mbps ADSL Wireless Router (Modem, Router, Wireless Access Point all in one) £75 click here. Send BB router back to your friend throw away useless usb modem.

  Sam Witch 22:21 14 Apr 2004

I agree go wireless, BUT watch the security enable it or have your neighbours connecting via your modem

  dez fowler 00:10 15 Apr 2004

Forget all that stuff, all you do is:
1. Make sure each computer you want to connect has a 100Mbps network port, if it doesn't you'll have to buy a PCI network card for a desktop (about £5) or a PCMCIA card for a laptop (about £15)
2. Get them all connected to the router with CAT5 cable
3. Turn on Internet Connection Sharing on your computer
4. Set the other computers to get their IP automatically
5. In IE on the other computers make sure the connections settings are using the LAN to connect

That's it, you should all be on the internet.

Not an ideal solution but it will work

  Meshuga 06:09 15 Apr 2004

Many thanks for all the replies. Looks like I will have to replace the modem with something more suitable. Regards to all. Meshuga.

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