Modem to router-- advice please

  hatrickj 12:37 06 Sep 2007

Mods, if this is in wrong place please move

I’ve been told, that even without the need for a network a router has advantages over a modem, that routers give a more reliable connection, not dropping out so much. It seems this is said to make for a better speed profile.

If the above is true, I’d like to buy a router to replace my Binatone ADSL500 modem, but am totally bemused by it all. I have a stand alone computer and neither network nor need for wireless. What at a reasonable price, under £50, that is simple to set up by a dummy, can you recommend? I’ve seen ads for Voyager 210s around the £30 mark. Are they any good? If relevant to your replies my ISP is Plusnet. Any advice will be gratefully received. :)

  ambra4 12:59 06 Sep 2007


If you do not require a network wireless or hard wire, and happy with your present modem, just leave well alone and just forget the advice about

"router has advantages over a modem"

A router is just a Modem with a 4 port switch for easy access to connect 4 computer to access a local network and the Internet

  palinka 13:02 06 Sep 2007

I use a BT Voyager 2100. Very easy to set up. I've had no problems. Don't know the price as I've had it a few years.
I'm NOT with BT as ISP but bought from them because at the time their website was the clearest to understand what was needed and what bits went where.
The modem that came , "free", from my ISP was difficult to set up from the start and was forever having to be unplugged and re-plugged. That was a Speedtouch 330 and I was happy to ditch it when I needed a modem router.

  hatrickj 19:34 07 Sep 2007

Are there no more comments or advices out there?

  woodchip 19:43 07 Sep 2007

You need a Router Modem, This is mine. And easy setup it as four Ethernet connectores and can connect upto 127 wireless built in fiewall All the extras built in that you normaly have to pay for.
400 meter range for wireless click here

  jack 20:05 07 Sep 2007

If it ain't broke don't fix/replace it.
For your set up as with mine what you have is adequate- a router will change nothing.

  woodchip 20:15 07 Sep 2007

AS jack it's not going to give you any more speed.

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