Modem query

  SAH 21:05 01 Aug 2005

I plug my modem into my Home PC via a USB connection, I want to connect my Work Laptop to the internet using my Home PC connection, but when I do this it wants to download the software drivers first, which I'm a bit wary of as it's a Work Laptop and I'm worried that it might cause a problem when I'm using it at work. At work I connect to the internet via an Ethernet connection, so should I use a modem that has this type of connection instead, as oppose to a USB, or wouldn't this make any difference?? Thanks.

  Eric10 21:27 01 Aug 2005

In Internet Explorer go to Tools, Internet Options, Connections tab and check the radio button marked 'Dial whenever a network connection is not present' then it will use the ethernet when connected to the network and the USB modem when it isn't.

  SAH 21:48 01 Aug 2005

Thanks for that Eric10, I'll give that a try!

  SAH 21:48 01 Aug 2005

Thanks for that Eric10, I'll give that a try!

  SAH 21:48 01 Aug 2005

Thanks for that Eric10, I'll give that a try!

  SAH 22:05 01 Aug 2005

Oops think I hit the reply button too many times there! I suppose what I really want to know is if I can use the internet connection that I have on my existing Desktop, on my Laptop and if so, will I have to install the Software Drivers for my Modem onto my Laptop????

  woodchip 22:08 01 Aug 2005

What you have not said is What are you connecting to? BB or Dial-Up

  SAH 22:39 01 Aug 2005

Sorry woodchip, I've got a broadband connection.

  woodchip 15:07 02 Aug 2005

The USB modem will not work without drivers. Is it a Speed touch or what? Thomson Name. You can only connect a USB modem to one computer at once unless you have a router as well

  SAH 11:55 06 Aug 2005

Woodchip - yes it is a Speedtouch, so from what you're saying I could connect it to my Laptop if I wanted but I'd have to install the drivers first. Cheers!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:16 06 Aug 2005

Assumming you have a CD that came with the modem it will have the drivers on it.

Important to load the drivers BEFORE plugging in the modem.

With drivers loaded you can then manually set up anew connection to your ISP. Wannado?

As long as your LAN settings are not changed (automatically detect settings) there should be no problem.

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