Modem problems?

  orlandogreenback 19:49 14 Feb 2004

Hey all; just tentatively built a new PC, and have installed a modem with the ITU-T V.90 chipset. When I connect to the internet using Virgin 24/7 I'm getting very low speeds. Having latterly done some more digging it looks as though this is the best speed the modem is capable of. However, even at this speed, pages as simple as Google won't load; in fact, nothing will. I've had BT test the line, and an engineer was here today; his laptop connected at 48kbps and had no problems downloading anything. It isn't the ISP, as my neighbour is with them and is having no current problems. Any ideas? My OS is Xp pro and I'm afraid the modem is one of those where you never quite know what's going to come in the box, with a CD packed full of drivers for about fifty different ones. All in all, a bit of a headache so far, but you get what you pay for...

  orlandogreenback 20:34 14 Feb 2004

The modem is on comm port 3, if that makes any difference whatsoever. I'm afraid I'm still learning.

  DieSse 20:48 14 Feb 2004

Try another cable - then try another modem.

Modems are very inexpensive, so I suggest you try one from a local shop - explain the situation to them, and arrange to swap it for yet a different one if it doesn't make any difference.

Or send it back and ask for a different type - tell them the line has been checked and the modem is not up to the mark.

Com3 is the normal port for an internal modem to adopt.

  orlandogreenback 20:52 14 Feb 2004

Methinks it's my only recourse now, but it's always nice to hear it again from those in the know.

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