modem problem after USB 2 card install

  TBH1 21:15 18 Jan 2004

A mate of mine is having problems with his modem. He recently got a new printer, and as he hadn’t any USB ports, bought a card , installed it and installed printer - -and printer prints fine. However, since then, he has been unable to get onto the internet, every time he attempts to he gets a :-

“Error 630. The computer is not receiving a response from the modem. Check that the modem is plugged in ,and , if necessary, turn the modem off, then turn it back on “

I removed the modem, an internal v90 jobbie, removed via Device manager, then reinstalled it and lo and behold, got it working - -downloaded latest AVG update. Rebooted to make sure and - - - - “error 630 - - -“ again. Anyone any ides here ???
His sytem is p2 233mhz, 32 mb ram - -w98

  BillEmm 21:31 18 Jan 2004

is a likely cause. P2s have pretty small wattage power supplies and USB cards can be a bit power hungry. If the PC still has its original PSU then it could be a bit tired by now.

If the problem disappears when the USB card is removed then a higher wattage PSU may be the answer.

Just a thought.

  MichelleC 21:33 18 Jan 2004

I could be off mark but 98 likes at least 64 ram, so the added amount of power needed to cope with the new card + modem could be causing the prob.

  TBH1 21:43 18 Jan 2004

thanks for this - - I thought maybe a memory issue - - -but I have actually had this modem working sinxe usb install, downloaded a 2mb file from avg. If i KNEW for a fact memory, or even a power supply, would sort this out, I would suggest it - - -but a bit reluctant to go this route if there is a danger it won't.
Also, is there an "error 630" explanation anywhere ??
Oh, and thank you both for your time and effort.

  BillEmm 22:03 18 Jan 2004

Have look here:

click here


  TBH1 22:38 18 Jan 2004

thanks mate - - goin there now - - - -

  plankton 10:33 19 Jan 2004

USB2 can think it's a network interface (as can Firewire), so it may be worth looking in the Networks from Control Panel to see if it has set itself up as one....just a thought...

  TBH1 12:50 19 Jan 2004

Bill - still trying to make sense of the site you pointed me to, will get there though.
Plankton - will have a look there when I can get over there again.

  BillEmm 17:16 19 Jan 2004

click here

Should be a bit easier to read but not so comrehensive!


  TBH1 23:00 19 Jan 2004

Bill, again thanks mate - - -certainly appears a lot simpler. Gonna try and get ocer there tomorrow evening. If none of this works am gonna take usb card out and see if that solves it, then start again with usb/ printer installation.

  woodchip 23:04 19 Jan 2004

Go into Device Manager and check for conflicts on the Modem check the memory allocation also

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