modem problem after a storm!

  termc 14:49 10 Jun 2003

My brother (not me of course!) was online when there was thunder and lightening almost overhead. He came down to show me everything on the screen looking like safe mode. We turned the pc off but since then, I have been unable to connect to the internet. When I try, there is a continous tone and then some short beeps. The a voice saying "please hang uo and try again".

A firend has suggested uninstalling then reinstalling the modem, then its drivers. Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance for any help which is appreciated

  graham√ 14:51 10 Jun 2003

Unplug the modem and see if the phone works.

  Sir Radfordin™ 15:08 10 Jun 2003

If the phone is working then you could try doing as your friend suggests. If not then it could be that the line has had a spike and the modem will no longer work. You can obtain a replacement from around £10.

  Grayling 02:27 19 Aug 2003

My parents have just had their second modem wiped out by storm induced power surges. In addition to buying a new modem for them I've also invested in an in-line surge protector for the new modem (plus one for me). They are available as a stand alone item or combined with surge protection three pin power cable adaptors and are readily available to buy on line: just try a search on MODEM SURGE PROTECTION (or pop round to Argos!).

  termc 17:31 28 Aug 2003

thanks. It looks loike the storm did 'spike' it so I bought a new modem and surge protector too

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