Modem Problem

  Rhuddlan 00:15 15 Jun 2004

A friend of mine had problems connecting to the net, so I decided to try and help her, but I am beginning to wish I hadn't. I done what I usally do on my comp, such as deleting the current connection and reconnecting etc. So when all this didn't work, I removed the modem and uninstalled it, when I instered it back in and went to phone/modem options in control panel, it didn't rescongise the modem and when dialing out a message appeared saying that the modem isn't working properly due to another program using it or it not being instered or installed properly, it is instered properly, as for installed, well it didn;t come with any software, so I can't install it from a disk, it has been configured in the options in internet explorer, the phone number, username and pasword are all correct and the drivers have been uninstalled and reinstalled, as well as ie 6, but with still no luck, have even been through the troubleshooter via device manager, but that can't even solve the problem, the modem seems to be fine in device manager too, hope someone can be of some assitance, regards, Rhuddlan

  SANTOS7 00:19 15 Jun 2004

click here this may help, good luck

  woodchip 00:27 15 Jun 2004

It may be on the wrong port or a IRQ conflict. You could try loading the modem from the list in Add New hardware wizard and choose a Hayes Modem that fites the modem. they normally work as a generic modem

  Rhuddlan 00:37 15 Jun 2004

Thanks for the help, forgot to say that I have tried the add new hardware wizard and have tried various modems from the list, but no luck, I will have a look at the link, be right back!!!

  Rhuddlan 01:20 15 Jun 2004

Thanks for the link, I have saved it and will give it to my friend tommorrow, I think I have found the error message I was looking for, regards, Rhuddlan.
P.S. Anyone got any other ideas? thanks.

  Tog 08:15 15 Jun 2004

This IS a PCI modem, yes?

Different PCI modems create different Comm ports. My old Rockwell would only use Comm3 whereas some will only use Comm4, etc so the first step is to identify the modem. Go to click here for instructions and a nice little shareware utility or to click here for another freeware PCI ID utility.

Once you have ID'd your modem go to click here and download the driver, they also have some troubleshooting tips. Any probs, post back.

  Rhuddlan 10:14 15 Jun 2004

I think it's using com 3, always has done, but now when i go into network connections in control panel and right click and choose properties for the current connection which is freeserve anytime it says modem unavliable and when i go to configue the, the maximum speed is set to 0, but I can't remember what it was set to before, thanks for the help, any other ideas? regards, Rhuddlan.

  curlylad 10:17 15 Jun 2004

Bookmark !

  SANTOS7 10:18 15 Jun 2004

How to check your modem setup

To check your modem settings within Windows;

Click Start

then Settings,

then Control Panel.

Then, depending on which version of Windows you use, you will see either a Modem or, in Windows NT and Windows 2000, a Phone and Modem icon.

Click this, and Double-click on the Modem tab if you need to.

You will see two Tabs, General and Diagnostics

Click General and on the new screen, make sure that your modem appears there.

Then on this screen you will see a value for Maximum Speed, Ideally, this should be set higher than the maximum speed of your modem - 115200 for a 56k modem. But if you are experiencing connection problems, trying lowering the speed and see what happens. Make sure that the Only connect at this speed box is unchecked.

  johnsims 10:21 15 Jun 2004

If you look in Device Manager, is the modem showing a problem mark? Is it showing that drivers are installed properly?
Seems to me it is a driver problem.

  Rhuddlan 10:32 15 Jun 2004

there is no problem mark in device manager, and she has got windows xp, when i go into phone/modem options in control panel, the only tabs that are there are dialing rules/modems and advanced. When I click on the modem tab the modem is there, but the title of it which I can't get at the moment, is different to the one before, and it's 9600, and connected to com3, have tried lowering the speed with still no luck, she has about 5 different modems she was given, so she has no docs for them and not specs, regards, Rhuddlan.

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