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  23790954 18:33 18 May 2007

I am an elderly gentleman, who builds and repairs computers as a hobby. Until now I have always installed internal PCI ADSL modem cards in computers, including my own. However I am contemplating trying an external modem or router to experience the difference. My system is quite a good system with a Bigabyte K8N SLI motherboard, which has ethernet connections, on which I run Windows XP Professional. My query is which would be the best purchase. Just a modem or a router/modem. Wired or wireless.
USB or Ethernet. Although I repair family computers in my home, it would not be possible to log onto the internet with them, as they come from addresses with different telephone numbers, so do I really need a router. On the other hand I would like to have a constant firewall which I would get in a router. I have perused all previous subjects on this matter, but without
positive results. Any advice, including a recommendation for a good modem/router would be very much appreciated.
Many thanks to all who take the time to help me.

  MAJ 19:02 18 May 2007

It depends on your priorities, 23790954.

If this is for your own benefit and ease of use, I would get a wireless modem router and USB wireless adapter and set up a wireless connection for myself.

If it's for help in repairing your relatives' computers then a USB modem might be slightly better in that you can load the modem's software onto their computer and connect to the internet using your account. Of course you can also do that with the wireless connection but it's a little more work.

  MAJ 19:06 18 May 2007

Sorry forgot the recommendation. This bundle looks okay. click here

  setecio 19:25 18 May 2007

Most computers made over the last 3 or 4 years have ethernet network ports, if not they only cost £10 and can be installed in a PC in 10 minutes and removed when finished.

These allow you to connect that computer to a router and thus to the internet, no matter what phone number they connect to via their normal way. All you do is plug them in and in 'Internet Options - Connection' change to never dial and LAN to auto, and change back when finished.

As wireless adsl routers are £5 more than non wireless, my recommendation would be a wireless adsl router eg click here

Buy an ethernet card to temporarily install in PCs that don't have one click here

and up to 30m ethernet cable off the shelf click here

click here
click here
and plenty more if you want, but basically just the DG834G @£45

  setecio 19:29 18 May 2007

I meant to say the DG834G wireless router also has 4 ports for ethernet cables, so can take 4 wired computers at the same time to one internet connection + many more wireless (and can take up to 256 computers if you buy extra 'network switches')

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