Modem not detected.

  Peverelli 13:52 28 Jan 2003

Hi. I recently formatted the C drive on an old PC, re-installed the Windows 98SE it came with and sold computer to a friend. When he tried to sign up & connect to an ISP he got a message saying something like 'Modem not detected'. The modem was working before the reformat. I gave him a second modem (checked it was working before handing it over) and he got the same message. He swapped the modem and sound card over and still no modem detected. The modem is not shown in Device Manager.

It's an old Tiny PC with a PCI P54C TX1 mobo & Pentium 233Mh processor. (Not great I know, but he only wants it for email & light surfing.) Does anyone know where we can go from here?


  woodchip 14:01 28 Jan 2003

have you loaded the drivers and software for the modem

  woodchip 14:02 28 Jan 2003

PS they are not all plug and play even PCI one's

  Peverelli 14:12 28 Jan 2003

Thanks for the quick reply. I don't know what the original modem was, but the second one is a Rockwell RCV56HCF. I'll have a look on my computer to see if there's any drivers there (it was my old modem before moving to broadband). Have to go to work now, so will try tomorrow.
Thanks again.

  woodchip 21:40 28 Jan 2003

You can normally select from the list the Hayes 56 I think that’ the names if it's a 56 modem. It's a generic

  Peverelli 14:39 29 Jan 2003

I've managed to find a driver on a Packard Bell site (the modem came originally from a PB computer) so I'll give that to my friend and keep my fingers crossed.
Thanks for the info woodchip :O)

  Peverelli 18:55 30 Jan 2003

Still waiting to hear if it was successful. Could no news be good news?

  Peverelli 21:25 10 Feb 2003

No news was bad news :O(
Drivers installed, modem detected but refuses to connect. Tried 2 different modems, swapping slots with sound card. Sound card works in both slots. Tried different phone cables and even disconnected all phones - all with no luck. Occasionally getting "error 666" (?? sounds ominous) and have found a tip about renewing telephon.ini, so will give that a try later on. There was I hoping that it was merely something being ticked that shouldn't have been, or vice versa!

  cream. 21:31 10 Feb 2003


What you have to do is go to device manager and find pci communications device. Highlight this and delete.

You now restart windows. Windows will find the modem and then ask for the drivers. It will also make a virtual com port for you, either comm 3 or comm 4.

This should get the modem with the drivers working. If it does not detect on reboot, do as you did before and switch to another pci slot.

Hope this helps.

  Peverelli 21:40 10 Feb 2003

I can't remember if I've tried deleting the pci communications device. I've uninstalled/re-installed the modems many times (Windows has never detected them, I've had to install manually). The PC has been given back to me, so I'll have to put it all together again & try out your suggestion along with some tips about overcoming 'error 666'. Cheers.

  cream. 21:50 10 Feb 2003

If you do not delete the device i.e. pci communications device, you will never get the modem to work.

When you format and reinstall windows, it sees a modem but just loads generic drivers for it. I personally have never seen these work.

Try this and I think you may not have a problem.

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