Modem and Network takes ages to load up???

  Gaz 25 21:11 02 Mar 2003

I have a modem and a network card, now to be able to connect to network shares the modem has to load first and it makes a beap when it has, but it takes a while, how can I make the modem load quicker, I have Boot Vis and the latest modem drivers and latest Network drivers, how can I make the network work much faster so as soon as I log on I can connect to the network without having to wait for the modem driver?


  Gaz 25 20:21 04 Mar 2003

Go into > Start > Connect to > Show all connections > High speed Lan or Broadband > Right Click LAN or Wireless connection > Click Properties > When Box appears > Click Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)> Click properties > Check use following IP address then type: in your PC and in Laptop type, if it comes up with that message you complained about, assign the PC this is now the IP of the main PC which shares the net connection. This must be stored as a DNS Gateway. Alos make SVCHOST.EXE can access yuo network, and /0.1 is stored in both computers as trusted in your firewall, disable while we do the following. On Laptop:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Then click in subnet mask this should apper automatically, then click in Default Gateway and type or where this is the PC with internet connection. Then in Prefered DNS server add: or where this is the PC with internet connection. Then click adavanced - In the current box just under alternate DNS Server...

Then in Default Gateways add the PC with Internet connections IP: or 192.168.02

Then click DNS tab at the top of open box - and in DNS Server addresses in order of use add the PC with net connection in that list if not already there, or which ever you asssigned the PC with net connection.

Then click Ok for all boxes, when back at Network connections in Windows Explorer then right clic your dial-up connection or high speed internet conenction eg: ISP Properties for Cable modem and make sure in advanced Share my Internet connections with others on my network it is ticked. Click Ok if so, If not run network set-up wizard and restart from fresh these instructions (Sorry).

When running Network set-up wizard:

Make PC sharing internet connection a gateway or Internet connectin sharer, make laptop connect through another PC or gateway. Finsih the following steps and then repeat the above steps again at the begining of this post. :-( Sorry!!

Just for records in case anyone does a serach for Network and loading takes ages and network unacessable because of this.

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