Modem madness

  rdh660 17:10 20 Feb 2003

I have just updated my computer... new motherboard (Gigabyte 7VA, memory from crucial, new Maxtor hard drive etc) Everything was up and running working fine. I then decided to install my old Intel modem which was working fine before the rebuild. After fitting the modem the computer started up as soon as the wall socket was swithed on. I thought that some sort of problem must exist with start switch and carried on to install modem. It installed fine, showed no problems in device manager, but could not be found when tring to connect to net. However the computer continued to start up when wall socket was swithed on even when all the start switch connections were removed from the motherboard. When the modem is physically removed the start up is normal. I now have two questions..
1. Why does the machine start up automatically without using the start switch when my original modem is fitted and...
2.Now even when the modem is uninstalled in the usual manner and physically removed my computer still insists on refinding it and installing it.. is there any way of convincing it that the modem no longer exists?

Any ideas.. Rob ( I am unable to access the net so I am using my friends computer at the moment.

  watchful 07:23 21 Feb 2003


  Tony 07:32 21 Feb 2003

Check you motherboard hand book and see if there's a setting for it to wake up on modem or Lan if so check that the setting is in the off position ie disabled, this is unusual as the default setting is usualy disabled.

  Tog 07:36 21 Feb 2003

1. Check BIOS for a Wake on LAN/Modem option

2. Is it an internal modem. What is the "usual method" you used?

Try booting into safe mode and removing all instances of the modem from device properties.

  Rob07 08:01 21 Feb 2003

Hi. I'm afraid my fix for the problem is a bit of a cop-out. What I didn't mention when I first posted the question (I didn't realize the importance) was that I do not have a Full version of Win'98 or above and was desperately trying to find a way to format the large disc and install my upgrade versions of '98 and then Me' starting from an old copy of Win 3.1.
I must have gone back and formatted the disc 10 times trying to find different ways to circumvent the restrictions of the older system.
However one store I went to told me a controller card would not fix the problem and would cause a slow down of the system anyway, and PC World said a con'card would work but they don't sell them.
I have decided to format the disc at 9+gig for the time being until I can afford a full copy of Win'98Se.
By the way the HDD did have a E-Z bios prog included and that did format the full disc, I couldn't then get Win 3.1 on to it and still use the full capacity.
Have I missed anything or is this more or less what I should have expected? I have sure learned a lot in the process.
PS I did click the "green thingy" I'm a good boy really.

  rdh660 08:56 22 Feb 2003

Sorry I have not responded to your suggestions but as I said in my question I was unable to get on line and was using a friends computer ....only just received responses. I had tried removing the modem from ME by firstly using modems in control panel and from device manager remove facility and also add remove progs and removing the software intalled for modem but nothing worked. I have just installed an old external modem I borrowed and have been able to connect immediately.
All seems very strange to me but at least everything is now working.

Anyone any ideas as to why the previous modem should start my computer running when the power is switched on at the wall socket even when all cables to start switch are removed (part of original question)

Thanks everyone and sorry for the delay.
regards Rob

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