Modem & IRQ conflict

  Sazzzer 22:58 23 Jan 2004


My Dad hasn't got internet connection so we swap files, etc., via hyperterminal.

He has just picked up another pc (secondhand from my f-i-l) which has a modem, but I think the modem had been disabled because f-i-l had broadband, although it says it is enabled and working correctly. Anyway, Dad is now having trouble connecting to me. It dials up, but won't connect (we both hear the whistling sound, but it then cuts out). His says his modem is working but that there is a conflict with IRQ sharing on Com1. I know mine is OK because I have internet (obviously).

How do we solve the IRQ conflict, we don't know where to start.

Any advice would be good, and thanks in advance. (And yes, I have been trying to persuade him to get internet connection, but he's being stubborn - Dads!)


  usjeff 23:16 23 Jan 2004

Post which O/S your using --it will help those who will guide you through attempts to resolve the problem.

  Cuddles 23:16 23 Jan 2004

Depending on the make of modem it may need to be installed into another com port, do you have the software for modem. If you do remove modem from device manager and remove any software associated with it, then reboot pc with modem connected windows will pick it up and assign a IRQ, you may be lucky and windows will install software without any need for disks before you remove modem
info make a note of make and model so you can search for drivers if needed, if it is an internal modem try it another slot first.

  Chegs ® 23:31 23 Jan 2004
  Sazzzer 18:06 24 Jan 2004

Thanks for your replies. It's fixed, although I don't know exactly how, haha! Dad took out the modem as Cuddles suggested and removed all software, but when he put it back in, it said that Windows could not find a suitable driver. Then he went through some discs and found one with drivers on, so decided to try that, found a driver for an Ethernet card and loaded that, then discovered he actually had the hardware on board! he hadn't realised! Anyway, whether it was putting in this driver or just taking out the modem and putting it back in, I'm not sure, but it now works. I think these things play up now and then just to give us something to whinge about.

Anyway, it now works, so thanks for your help.


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