modem intermittantly slow

  badhooverdog 13:58 17 Apr 2009

Hi there.

I have recently installed a zoom 5654 modem router to run my pc & xboxlive. My os is windows xp, service pack3.

Having a prob with the modem being extremely slow accessing some websites/pages. On some it goes to instantly but on others can take 3-4 minutes to load up. Sometimes happens with web pages within a site.

My internet speed appears fine, between 1 & 5mps. The Micrsoft diagnostic tool says no probs with the connection.

I have clicked repair LAN as suggested on another thread but no joy. Have also tried reducing the firewall settings (macafee).

Any suggestions welcome though keep them simple please as not that pc literate.

Cheers, BHD

  Clapton is God 15:14 17 Apr 2009

"On some it goes to instantly but on others can take 3-4 minutes to load up"

That's not unusual. Many websites/pages do load at varying speeds, depending on the complexity of their content.

"My internet speed appears fine, between 1 & 5mps"

Use this click here to test your download and upload speeds (ideally at different times of the day) and report back.

  badhooverdog 16:35 17 Apr 2009

Thanks for the reply clapton is god.

I do check my speed fairly regularly & thats the results i get.

Am pretty sure this is a problem with the modem. I had a cheapo sagem from tiscali before & never had this difference in load times. Sites i went to before instantly now seem to get stuck.

  badhooverdog 10:33 20 Apr 2009

Just taken me 20minutes to get in here. Ah well maybe need to a call to zoom.

  brundle 11:03 20 Apr 2009

Check MTU; click here

  Clapton is God 11:03 20 Apr 2009

"I had a cheapo sagem from tiscali before & never had this difference in load times"

If you still have that modem (which I guess is the FAST 800/840) why not revert to using that?

It's the same "cheapo" modem which I use and I consistently get download speeds of 5.5 mbps from it.

  badhooverdog 23:08 21 Apr 2009

great thanks brundle. will check that out when i get some time.

Clapton is god, yes have the same modem. cant connect the 360 to it though. would be a bit fiddly changing between the 2 though most of my gaming is on pc.

its very odd i can get into a site but when try to change a page nothing happens. seems quite random i can get into one website straight away then the next one gets stuck.

will let you know how get on.

cheers, BHD

  Stuartli 23:41 21 Apr 2009

My TalkTalk speeds of around 6.5Mb to 7.2Mb with a permanently on (wired) modem router suddenly slowed to a crawl a couple of days ago; couldn't even get a speed test result.

I tried all the usual tricks without success, but then remembered that the last time it happened, about a year ago, I had disconnected the router's mains adapter socket for a second or so and normal service was resumed once it reinitialised.

So I tried it again and with the same result...:-)

  Stuartli 23:42 21 Apr 2009

...Read lead for (mains adapter) socket...

  badhooverdog 13:53 26 Apr 2009

great brundle, that got it sorted. thank you. very nice tool.

thanks stuartli but i always turn the power off to everything when am not around - am waiting to get my flat rewired so am a bit twitchy about leaving anything switched on.

cheers guys, BHD

  Stuartli 14:26 26 Apr 2009

Just a quick follow up now that it's sorted - are you with AOL or TalkTalk.

If so, the MTU should be 1432, lower than for most ISPs' broadband service.

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