modem installation - help

  Dave123 08:55 06 Feb 2003

I have passed on my older pc to a friend. The pc originally had win95 on and had a working internal modem. The PC has now got win98 on, but I never bothered getting the modem going as I did not need it. As we did not know the modem type I bought a new v92 internal one (mentor on the box?), supposedly intel(ambient) according to the shop. I've tried everything to install this new modem,even reformatted the HD and re-istalled win98. The modem s/w seems to install ok, always on com2 (no other option) but although win98 says its working, when I try to use it, the message "could not communicate with modem, check it's turned on and IRQs are set correctly". We have spent hours on this. Win98 does not dtect it using P&P, so we have to pick the s/w from a list. Nothing works, always the same. Am I missing something obvious, I know modems are usually a pain but this on is particularly bad.

Any help/advise would be greatly appreciated.

  AndySD 09:08 06 Feb 2003

Have you checked the PC is up to the needed specs of the modem?

  Dave123 09:18 06 Feb 2003

what specs need to be specifically checked,


not particularly fast but I thought it should be ok ?

  nyleridedog 10:02 06 Feb 2003

have you tried it in another slot?
If not try it in all of them and then you can try other things

  AndySD 10:16 06 Feb 2003

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