Modem infection?

  Sparky3327 15:53 12 Oct 2006

Is it possible for modems to be infected by viruses and transmit them to a pc?
My D-Link modem packed in so I returned to my original Tiscali-provided Speedtouch one.
Immediately my desktop started showing wierd stuff, as if I was infected with spyware.
Am I paranoid?


  sean-278262 15:56 12 Oct 2006

Yes you are paranoid, relax and think logically. Run antivirus checks, spyware and enlighten us to what "weird stuff" is.

  Mytob 16:10 12 Oct 2006

I guess it is possible. It has firmware of somesort and cross infection is possible between linux and windows and other such operating systems althought the only one i every read about was flawed because of a flaw in the linux kernal. So posible yes i guess. Do you have one no. I have never heard of one and doubt someone will ever make one. As posted above run all the usual scans and see if anythings found.

  Sparky3327 16:41 12 Oct 2006

Well since I changed modems my pc has turned the shape of a pear.
I had unrequested websites appear, error messages, rundll error messages and now, the thing won't even turn on.
It gets to about 15 lines of white on black writing then freezes.
I still think I may have a point about my modem, but forget that, where do I go from here?

  Mytob 23:18 12 Oct 2006

try to recover your files and maby a rinstall. u can use the recovery tool on the windows cd if you got one to try to get the os up and running again to retreave your files but tbh i would just wipe it after recovering them. best soluion to most probs is a fresh install i find. if you cant get back into windows via a restore you can use a bootable floppy if you have one handy or even better a linux live cd such as slax if you can get sum 1 2 burn u one.

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