Modem on Hold not working

  Tatiana 12:17 29 Feb 2004

Anybody tried to get "Modem on Hold" working with a Trust 56K V92 PCI Modem?
I purchased this (cheap) modem specifically for the MOH function, but it doesn't appear to support it.
Trust's FAQ page quotes "Modem on Hold is a seperate application; This function is not included because Modem On Hold works only in USA".
I assumed that the V92 spec included MOH - but obviously not.
My ISP is Blueyonder, and I have call waiting activated (and tested) - again arranged specifically for MOH!
The latest drivers on the Trust site are the same as the ones on the CD.
I've contacted Trust Customer Care, but no response yet. (4 days)
Any ideas?

  Paranoid Android 12:24 29 Feb 2004

click here

Modem-on-hold (MOH)
A large call and trouble generator for modems stems from users who do not disable call-waiting when online. A call-waiting signal looks to a modem-like a line disconnect, and depending on how the modem is configured, can often result in the modem hanging up. In some cases, users prefer this behavior, because they want to receive the call coming in. Unfortunately, the feature that is enabled for those who want the call is trouble for those who do not.


  Tatiana 12:32 29 Feb 2004

Maybe I'm getting the wrong end of the stick here, but my interpretation of the article is that having call waiting enabled can be a problem to V90 modems, but it is essential for MOH operation with a V92 modem.

  Paranoid Android 12:50 29 Feb 2004

I don't fully understand it myself, but I thought the specification might be useful.

It sounds to me like they are saying that further development is required in the next version of the standard.

Do you have a MOH applet (see last paragraph) ?


  [email protected]@m 13:07 29 Feb 2004

Only a handful of ISPs in the UK support MOH. If yours doesn't, it will not work.

  Tatiana 13:09 29 Feb 2004

I think the MOH applet is the problem. As Trust say that "This function is not included because Modem On Hold works only in USA", means that they are assuming that they don't have to include this function with UK modems beacause we're not as advanced as the Yanks and our telephone providers aren't offering this facility - but they are! I think my basic gripe is with Trust - but I think other forum users should be aware of this before they go running to Dabs and buy a cheap V92 modem.
I will wait (impatiently) for Trust's response, and if that's not helpful, I think I'll tackle Dabs on the subject.

  Tatiana 13:16 29 Feb 2004

I know that my ISP and Telephone provider (Blueyonder / Telewest) support MOH, and a friend of my has already purchased a cheap, unbranded modem from PC World, and has it set up and operating OK. I'm convinced it's the lack of Trust support!

  [email protected]@m 13:51 29 Feb 2004

You could be right.If trust say MOH is not included you are entitled to a refund, as this is a basic requirement of a V92 spec.

  [email protected]@m 14:20 29 Feb 2004

Extract from Trust help

Questions regarding to V.92 Modem on Hold. Please consult with your ISP first and make sure your ISP supports the feature. Modem on Hold is supported by this modem. But due to the varieties of the ISP, it might not be activated with your local ISP. Please contact us with your ISP information for further support.

  Tatiana 17:07 01 Mar 2004

Finally today I received a response from Trust Customer Care, which, in broken English stated "Dear customer, I'm afraid to told you that this funtion is not supported with this modem,I'm sorry!". So it appears that not all V92 modems are equal, and some functions are optional! Moral of the story - DON'T TRUST TRUST!
Now to do battle with Dabs!

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