Modem has vanished

  jockym 12:32 02 Sep 2003

My daughter now has my old PC and before I passed it over I restored it to the basic settings when new. She has now set up what she wants on the PC but has been having trouble in setting up her ISP Freeserve.
When we try to set it up we get a message saying "cannot connect no Modem found". I went back into symstem restore and used the Dsc to reinstall the Modem - but we were still getting the same message. I tried manually configuring a Modem but that didn't work either.
Grateful for any pointers and advise in solving this problem.

  Stuartli 12:50 02 Sep 2003

How old is the PC's OS? Some ISPs demand Win98 or better.

It could be worth looking on the modem manufacturer's website for a more up to date driver, as well as check that the modem is fitted correctly and the phone cable is properly connected.

  Gaz 25 15:00 02 Sep 2003

Have the Motherboard drivers been installed?

Also check that it is the latest Freeserve disc.

  jockym 17:50 02 Sep 2003

Sorry I did not give you all the info, the original modem was replaced due to a fault and the replacement CXT1035-HCF-PCI Modem
has vanished from the pc for some reason. I did uninstall the BT ISDN so it should have gone back to the original method, however we can't seem to find it, so how do I find the driver?
We are running Win 98SE, the phone cable checked out OK and the disc from Freeserve is recent,although not the latest.
I have the disc that came with the replacement modem but can't seem to get it to install the modem, there are no instructions with it only what is written on the disc itself!

  wiznyme 19:32 02 Sep 2003
  harry_b 19:55 02 Sep 2003

right click the my computer icon on the desktop and select properties from the menu, then select the device manager tab, scroll down until you see the device in question ( it will have a yellow mark next to it) highlight the device and click the properties button, then driver, then update driver, make sure the cd is in the tray, click next until you see the specify a location option, browse to the cd and or the folders on the cd containing the driver files, windows 95 and 98 isn't very good at searching for these files "you" have to point it to the folder containing the drivers.

  jockym 13:31 03 Sep 2003

Thanks for your input which,apart from wiznyme's
link, which I cannot use because I can't get on the net,have failed. I just cannot get the
CXT1035 modem installed carrying out harry-b's
advice and as far as the cd I mentioned there is NO modem on it according to the PC. I have
admitted defeat and called a local Technie. I can only surmise that the modem flew out the window when I uninstalled all the ISDN Home Highway bits and pieces,I should learn to leave well alone!! I will await the arrival of the Technie and let you all know what happens.

cheers the noo

  wiznyme 18:48 03 Sep 2003

Sorry I wasn't much help but I'm slightly confused now.

If you can't get onto the net how are you posting in this forum?

  jockym 09:31 04 Sep 2003

Hi mate, sorry if I wasn't clear at the start, my daughter has my old pc a P/Bell 4yr old running win98Se and this is the one where the modem has vanished, rather the drive for same.
I'm using the new machine MMatrix and that how I
am able to send the messages.
Took the P/Bell to the Technie yesterday and he phoned to say the modem card was in place ok but he needed the disc for the CXT1035 which I will take to him today-he says there shouldn't be any problem and will only cost me about £20, so that doesn't sound too bad.
Cheers the noo!

  jockym 16:45 04 Sep 2003

Well the Technie came up trumps and all for £20.
I am sending this via the busted, well not now, P/Bell so lets hope my daughter is now ready to go. PS I have registered her with PCA so she can do her own begging.. Thanks one and all.

  zumlif2 19:01 04 Oct 2003

Sounds like my problem but what did the "techie" do? I retired nearly 20 years ago and I don't throw £20 around which is why I have posted on these dicussions.

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