Modem Hangup/Loss of connection

  MercurysPhoenix 23:28 28 Aug 2009


Now I'm by no means clued up on routers or networks or computers, but I managed to set up a router and get it working with my laptop and 360 with few problems. That is until now. For the last month or so, the signal has been dropping intermittently, with my laptop telling me the access is 'local only' before reconnecting properly. My 360 disconnects from the Live service and won't allow me to reconnect until I've reset the router. This can happen up to five times a day, which isn't ideal when you're trying to play something online. I have no idea what has caused this as I haven't changed anything on the router recently. It just started happening of its own accord.

I have my log here which describes everything that happens when it disconnects, but I don't understand the majority of it. I hope one of you guys can help me decipher it and work out how to fix the problem as its becoming really frustrating now:

2009/08/27 13:17:24 DHCPS max_leases value (256) not sane, setting to 5 instead
2009/08/27 13:17:24 DHCPS udhcpd (v0.9.9-pre) started
2009/08/27 13:17:24 DHCPS Received a SIGTERM
2009/08/27 13:17:22 PPPOE Sending PADT
2009/08/27 13:17:22 PPPOE Sent 12821244 bytes, received 137856963 bytes.
2009/08/27 13:17:22 PPPOE Connect time 232.9 minutes.
2009/08/27 13:17:22 PPPOE Connection terminated.
2009/08/27 13:17:22 PPPOE Modem hangup

So for some reason the modem is hanging up. Nothing happens before that.

Or, in other cases, it tells me that the 'LCP has been terminated by peer':

2009/08/28 13:47:01 PPPOE Connect time 174.6 minutes.
2009/08/28 13:47:01 PPPOE Connection terminated.
2009/08/28 13:47:00 DHCPS max_leases value (256) not sane, setting to 5 instead
2009/08/28 13:47:00 DHCPS udhcpd (v0.9.9-pre) started
2009/08/28 13:47:00 DHCPS Received a SIGTERM
2009/08/28 13:46:58 PPPOE LCP terminated by peer

So yeah, any help would be greatly appreciated.

  brundle 15:00 30 Aug 2009

Check your ADSL filters, unplug everything but your router for a while, check the line for noise, check for a firmware update for your router. As you've ascertained, the problem is with the connection between router and ISP, not your internal network.

Check your line stats before and after checking filters and unplugging other devices. click here

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