Modem Fax Capable ?

  justin37 06:38 21 May 2004

Hi Guys

Following on from a thread I have just read I am interested in setting up my pc to send and receive faxes, I have read how to do it but I was wondering if anybody could tell me whether my modem is capable of this. I have a HSP56MR modem, sorry its the only info I have for it.

Cheers Guys

  Stuartli 09:23 21 May 2004

Most modems are fax modems - the best way to find out, depending on which OS you have, is to install the fax utility.

Earlier versions of Windows had Windows Messaging (Awfax.exe + wms.exe) which can be found on the OS CD-ROM, whilst XP has the Fax Console.

If you have XP double-click on the Set Up Faxing option in Printer Tasks in the Printer and Faxes folder to access the Fax Console (there is a wizard to make life easier).

All Windows fax facilities are laid out in similar fashion to Outlook Express, so you should find it easy to follow.

  Stuartli 09:26 21 May 2004

If you only have dialup there's a problem receiving faxes as you have to know if one is being sent...:-)

I'm a Tiscali subscriber so use its free fax to e-mail service - a small proportion of the sender's telephone charge is retained by Tiscali as its "reward" for the service.

You get an individual 0871-xxx-xxx fax number which you list on your fax cover sheet(s).

In every respect, whether sent or received, faxes on your computer resemble a genuine fax.

There are also several threads about faxing in the forums - a search will no doubt find them.

  justin37 13:29 21 May 2004

Thanks for that guys

I have now set up the fax console but have just one other question, what is the best way to configure it, say I am out and someone wants to send a fax but also I need to ensure that the answer machine is still available for messages, what is the best way cos if I set up the fax to answer automatically then won't it cut in before someone gets the oppurtunity to leave a message? I'm a bit confused!



  Stuartli 13:41 21 May 2004

If you go to the Fax Console and open Help, the details you require are all available under Managing Incoming Faxes in the index.

As I keep saying in these forums, Microsoft provides extrememly comprehensive Help files in every program and application it sells.

  pj123 16:32 21 May 2004

Try Trinite at click here they offer an incoming fax service that puts the faxes into your email inbox. It costs £23 a year (£2 per month) and like Tiscali you get an exclusive 0870 telephone number. I use it and you don't need to have your computer switched on to receive faxes. You can only get the free Tiscali fax service if your ISP is Tiscali I have found.

  spuds 23:11 21 May 2004

Yes you are okay with that modem for faxes.If you are using XP, this might be worth a look click here

  cottager 23:31 21 May 2004

If you set the fax programme up and you successfully receive a fax please email me and let me know how you did it as I can't receive a fax only send.

  justin37 11:03 22 May 2004

Thanks for that spuds, i've already checked that one out. I can't find anyway to configure it to accept incoming faxes and still keep the answer machine available? I guess i'll just have to leave it on manual and hope people leave me a message to say they're trying to send one.


  spuds 11:13 22 May 2004

A further thought..Some printers have a fax facility, especially the 3in1/4in1 type. So if you have one of these it may pay to check this route.

Some Lexmark printers have this 'hidden' facility, but it can be a right headache to find and use.

  pj123 12:38 22 May 2004

Check your modem install CD. It will probably have Supervoice on it. I use Supervoice for outgoing faxes and it will also act as an answerphone as well. I don't normally use it as an answerphone because it means leaving the computer switched on and Supervoice running. It puts a virtual printer on your PC so any programme that has a print function can send faxes. eg. word, excel, paintshop pro etc...

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