Modem Drivers.

  SABRE 08:56 12 Mar 2004

I want to get an older PC going for a PC beginner. All OK except that I have found an internal modem but there is no driver disk for it. Any idea how I can identify it so that I can get the drivers from a Driver site? Running Win 98.

  spanneress 08:59 12 Mar 2004

Can you not download a driver off the web? If I get stuck I find a disc that has come with a modern modem and wack that in as it usually has many many drivers on it and 9 time sout of ten one of them works. I have piles of old modems and they run happily on newer drivers (56k).

  spanneress 09:01 12 Mar 2004

Another shining example of me not reading the question properly....

System tools..system Info is one way of finding the details, Device Manager is another or load on Sandra SiSoft which is free and details all hardware compents.

  temp003 09:02 12 Mar 2004

You can try Belarc Advisor and AIDA. How accurate they result is when the driver itself has not been installed I'm not sure.

Or open the case and have a look at the modem, to see if there's a brand and model name.

Otherwise, click here and see if anything there helps.

  SABRE 09:04 12 Mar 2004

No, there is no name or model number on the modem. Looks like a standard ten quid internal one. I do have some driver disks. Is it OK to load these and see if it works?

  spanneress 09:07 12 Mar 2004

You can but try...would help if you knew the manufacturer, do you know the machine it came out of?....or just keep inserting the discs while it tries to find the correct driver.

Alternatively...try click here and pop that onto the is rather good and will tell you what you need!

  Stuartli 09:24 12 Mar 2004

Why not try a basic Windows generic Rockwell/Coexerant (spelling?) driver first just to get it going?

Windows should find a suitable temporary driver if you point it in the right direction under Add/Remove Hardware.

  Stuartli 09:25 12 Mar 2004

click here is a very useful site with regard to the subject and has dozens of useful links to manufacturers/drivers websites.

  SABRE 10:00 12 Mar 2004

Put the modem in a spare slot and asked Win. to detect my modem. It says 'searching Com 2' no modem found and then 'searching Com 1' no modem found. If it isn't finding the modem I won't be able to install the drivers anyway. Can someone tell me what I am missing?

  temp003 10:04 12 Mar 2004

If Windows can detect the device, but can't find a right driver, it would at least show in Device Manager "PCI Communications Device" with an exclamation mark.

Does it show that in Device Manager?

  SABRE 10:09 12 Mar 2004

Yes it shows as a PCI device in device manager!!

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